So, we were going to run a Big Game preview showdown type thing this week, much like we did for the “‘SC matchup”:, but then we came to the conclusion that Cal would have the advantage in everything.

Then we thought we’d start our countdown of the top Big Games, but then we found a few nifty little remarks here and there about the Big Game today.

Our friends at “”: and “Art Spander of the Oakland Trib”: both say what we think everyone thinks about this year’s Big Game; the Big Game is meaningless.

Except for the Old Blues who remember the last time winning the Big Game meant going to the Rose Bowl or for the few Rally Commers who have to pass out those annoying bonfire rally flyers on Sproul, this Big Game really isn’t big.

The game has lost its luster. If Saturday’s game weren’t the 109th meeting between Stanfurd and Cal, then it wouldn’t be on T.V., it wouldn’t have any special meaning.

Who would want to watch a 1-10 team play an 8-3 team that’s choked the last two weeks anyway?


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