Okay, “it’s official”:http://www.dailycal.org/sharticle.php?id=22436. Circle December 28th on your calendars and buy those fun fares from Southwest before it’s too late.

Cal goes back to the “Holiday Bowl”:http://www.holidaybowl.com for the second time in three years.

The postseason berth also gives the Bears an unprecedented four straight berths to a bowl game. Wooped-dee-doo! And none of them were to the Rose Bowl.

Four consecutive bowls is great. It’s a fine achievement. But it’s in an era where there are over 30 bowls a year. This year there are 32. That’s 64 guaranteed teams that get to go bowling this year.

What separates Cal from the Mid Tennessee States and the East Carolina’s? All three are going bowling. And are we supposed to believe that the Holiday Bowl is a better bowl than the Poinsettia Bowl or the Motor City Bowl?

Oh, and remember this little tidbit: Jeff Tedford hasn’t won a game in SoCal since he’s been the head coach at Cal.


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