The turkey may just be starting to get dry, but there are many reasons to be thankful for our university housing. For example:

* It doesn’t have popcorn problems. At UC San Diego, microwaves that burn popcorn are triggering fire alarms. But microwaves don’t burn popcorn, you say? [The Guardian]
* Avoiding spending five minutes in hell. UC Davis students get trapped in the elevator, again. The article concludes with reports of an elevator death at Ohio State University in October, confirmed here by OSU university relations. [California Aggie]
* Lactation rooms. [Columbia Spectator]

*Leading Off…FINALLY, Cal Beats ‘SC*
We’ve been harpin’ on the Cal men’s water polo team for not being able to beat ‘SC.

But FINALLY, “Cal notched its first victory over USC since 2003″: last weekend to win the MPSF championship and punch its ticket to the NCAA tourney.

We’ve said all along that the Bears will have to go through the Trojans to win a national title. Cal will most likely have to go through ‘SC again to win a national title. But that’s okay. Now we all know that the Bears have learned how to finish off those Trojans.

*Bears Tops in Freezing Alaska*
A couple of points from “Cal’s championship at the Great Alaska Shootout”: over the weekend:

One, if DeVon Hardin plays like he did in the title game against LMU, the Bears will be tough to beat.

Two, Cal won the Great Alaska Shootout because it played LMU in the finals.

After being arguably one of the best preseason tournaments in the nation, the frozen court in Anchorage was not able to draw a ranked team, making the Bears the best the shootout can get.

We never thought we could put Cal with the names like North Carolina, Kentucky and Syracuse in college basketball, but now we can, because they’ve all won the Great Alaska Shootout.

*Injuries Hurt Cal*
It was going to be a statement game for the Bears women’s hoops team against No. 14 Vandy at the Vanderbilt Tournament.

But an early ankle injury sidelined center Devanei Hampton and forward Ashley Walker has been playing through some nagging injuries.

That’s not exactly what Cal was hoping for when it traveled to Nashville. With their leading scorers out or playing injured, “the Bears lost”: to the Commodores in the finals of the Vandy tourney.

Hopefully, this isn’t a preview of coming attractions. Cal has no depth whatsoever to see two of its top players go down.

*Volleyball Ends Season Predictably*
“The Bears beat Wazzu”:, like they were supposed to. Cal lost to Washington, like it was supposed to.

All of the Bears losses have come against ranked opponents.

First-round knockout in the NCAA tournament anyone? We like to think so.

*BCS Watch*
Cal has a snowball’s chance in hell of cracking the top 14 and being eligible for a BCS bowl.

The Bears are No. 18 right now in the BCS. If all hell breaks loose, pigs learn how to fly and all of that other crap, Cal will find its way to the Rose Bowl.

Yeah, right.

*Gripe of the Weekend*
It was Thanksgiving. So no Gripe. Sorry.

*Golden Bears*
_1) Spencer Warden – men’s water polo_
Two goals against ‘SC in the MPSF title game, including one in the fourth quarter. Nice, very nice.

_2) Ryan Anderson – men’s hoops_
The freshman has it going on. Named the Tournament MVP over the weekend. Still, what happens when the Bears get to the Pac-10?

_3) Hubert Davis – ESPN2 analyst for Great Alaska Shootout_
For most of the tournament, he was pretty annoying, especially when he mispronounced Ayinde Ubaka’s name the entire weekend. But he said Cal’s going to the NCAA tournament. Awesome Hubert Davis. Awesome. And did you really find a moose?

Students’ eyes and ears will be saved from the atrocity that is the Stanford Band, at least at half time this Saturday. The Stanford Daily reports that they will not be performing at half time, but will be present at other non-sporting events.

This stems from this summer when the Stanford “Band Shak” [sic] was vandalized, allegedly by members of the band. In September, the administration placed the band on indefinite provisional status.

How will Cal deal without the possibility of another Play? Send your favorite Big Game memories to “[email protected]”:mailto:[email protected]

New York Magazine has profiled 10 of the most impressive “super-applicants”, high school students with the potential to launch high-powered educations. Besides giving each student a photo to say pompous douchebag in their own unique way, the article lists the universities to which they are applying and has an expert consultant judge their chances.

Although many West Coast schools pop up on their lists (Caltech, Harvey Mudd, Stanfurd), UC Berkeley and its UC ilk are nowhere to be found.

Extensive analysis and crossreferencing with US News’s rankings (UC Berkeley ranks as 21) shows that, while rankings don’t mean that much, they now mean absoltely nothing.

Below are what must be safety schools. The number in parentheses is the difference in ranks between UC Berkeley and the school listed. For liberal arts colleges, we use their rankings and compare it to #21.

# Case Western Reserve (-17)
# SUNY – Stony Brook (-77)
# Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (-21)
# Pitzer (-30)
# Beloit (-40)

Everyone needs a safety school. Tell us if UC Berkeley was yours at “[email protected]”:mailto:[email protected]

This whole taser thing just keeps getting more and more sordid. After yesterday’s mostly innocuous sympathy protest on Sproul, The Los Angeles Times has published an article identifying an officer in the taser case.

Read below the jump for the sordid details.

According to the article, officer Terrance Duren has served in the university’s police department for over 18 years. During that tenure, he has shot at a homeless man at a UCLA study hall, allegedly choked someone in front of a frat with his baton, and was once recommended for dismissal. He was also named officer of the year in 2001.

Duren defends his actions very confidently, stating that he’d even like to sit down with students and Muslim student groups to explain his actions at the library.

The article quotes Duren stating that he patrols the area “the same way I would want someone to patrol the neighborhoods where I live.” We don’t have anything to add, except to refer you to a previous reader comment.

Duren is “proud of his actions,” and believes that “Saying one thing and proving it are two different things.” Actually, it appears that YouTube has made saying and proving things more or less equivalent.

The Los Angeles Times: Officer in Taser case Identifed
The Daily Californian: Students Protest Taser Incident

We kind of laughed a couple of weeks ago at the prospect of “DeVon Hardin going higher”: in the NBA draft than Leon Powe.

We’re still laughing at that assertion, but “Hardin’s performance yesterday”: kind of makes that laughter into a small chuckle.

If Hardin continues to post double-doubles like he did yesterday and be the defensive monster he always was (5 blocks?! that’s insane) then maybe he’ll be a nice little surprise when the Pac-10 schedule starts.

But the real surprise of the early season is the play of the freshmen, especially Ryan Anderson, who again led the team in scoring. Is he for real? For now, we’ll say yes, but the jury’s still out on him.

So far, The Clog hasn’t let you in on the real party: the comments. Today, we change all that with You ‘Tude.

Re: Childlike Emperess Impeached

bq. Didn’t ‘The Neverendig Story’ take place in Fantasia? Not Fantastica. You might have been confused and thought that Fantasia is just the chick who won American Idol.

Indeed. We since updated the entry so as not to confuse others.

Re: In Need of a CopWatch DEcal, UCLA?

bq. like some violence is really gonna go down in a library in motherfucking westwood.

Re: Comments

bq. And I support your decision to not incorporate comments. You don’t want to turn into a CalStuff or anything, or at least not so soon into your online tenure.

Re: The Clog’s Existence

bq. Congrats on the clog launch. It’s about damn time the Daily Cal had a rogue blog arm.

Want to be featured anonymously? Cross your fingers, send your best to “[email protected]”:mailto:[email protected]

Educated Nation reports on a groundbreaking new trend: students apply to a university as a certain major with the full intention of changing once accepted. The article argues that some colleges at UC Berkeley have less rigorous requirements (natural resources) than others (engineering). Of course, there are consequences for those too dumb to be able to transfer once accepted.

Numbers are provided, but it turns out demanding life decisions out of people who can’t decide what weekend party they’re going to attend makes the statistics fuzzy. Some people just have no fucking clue and change majors often.

E-Nation takes to the streets of Berkeley for an unscientific student body poll. In the striking journalistic effort to remain objective, the article remains inconclusive with some students agreeing that they use “backdoor admissions” to get in, and others not.

bq. “Speer’s friend, a current senior in high school, is applying to Berkeley as an electrical engineering major but plans to switch to a more selective major later on.”

Good luck with that one.

On the heels of a rally at UCLA to protest Tuesday’s tasering of a student at Powell library, students at UC Berkeley are organizing their own. EXCLUSIVE sources report to the Clog that the rally at UCLA was poorly organized but still served its purpose.

So come Monday, show up those baby bears and attend our own rally to protest the tasering of a UCLA student! Nevermind the fact that UC Berkeley campus police don’t use tasers and don’t plan on starting. Rallying; it’s the Berkeley thing to do. Counterprotestors, PLEASE make your voices heard; we can’t wait to see what you write on your posters. (And join the Facebook group too; only 112 attendees looks a little lonely.)

Here’s your problem, folks: According to The Los Angeles Times, members of the UCLA campus police department are awarded so-called Taser Awards for “extraordinary use of the Taser” in the line of duty. Take the taser incident’s YouTube video as UCLA UCPD’s “For your consideration” clip.

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