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Merry Finals From The Clog

Posted By Jonathan Yorde On Dec 9, 2006 @ 4:50 pm In Sandbox | Comments Disabled

Finals come at a really bad time. Just when you want to get your holiday cheer on, you’re stuck as a shut in reading all the books you were supposed to read all semester long. Well, there’s more bad news.

In honor of the 8 days of finals, The Clog is bringing you 8 new features. We hope they drive down your GPA and are as distracting as the anoncon. We recommend sharing The Clog with all your best friends and your worst enemies, after all, why should you be the only one not focusing.

Happy end of semester from the Clog. Here’s what you can look forward to:

# Best Confessions: Live and reporting on the anoncon, we’ll bring you the confessions that make you cry, yell “Here ye!”, or ROFLCOPTER.
# Burn Book: The intersection of anoncon and Facebook brings amazing potential. Here we’ll give you an informed opinion about people mentioned in the anoncon. Heads up: If anybody lobbs fugly slut, we’ll start sensitivity training for all the junior girls.
# Study Buddy: It’s tough getting through finals on your own. Here we give you the best study aids available on the black market.
# Where You’d Rather: With the be implied, this features brings all the places you’re not to you. It’s almost like being there, if being there is Moffitt.
# Spot Stop: Want to know what the stacks crowd is looking like? Are pajamas acceptable at Milano this time of day? We fill you in on the spots where students cram most.
# Video Rodeo: This isn’t any low class feature. Pronounced like the shopping ave in the Hills of Beverly, the top You Tube videos.
# Hot or Not: Opinions make the world go round. We choose something, and tell you whether it is hot or not.
# Famous Without Finals: Lots of people got filthy rich and/or famous without ever graduating from college. It’s not too late for you to drop out now.

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