Tired of studying geography only to learn there are more countries than anonymous confessions with confusing histories and capitalist symbols? Put your petty bourgeois finals concerns on hold and let this be one lesson you remember.

With a flag that sends a clear message to anybody not in the mood for fun, the island of Ibiza is a nonstop party. Owned by the Spanish and hot spot for European tourists, the “Gomorrah of the Med” is home to many clubs, pretty beaches, and not you.

The lifestyle includes partying in the late evening into the dawn for everyone. The day is spent recuperating on beaches until after dusk when it is time for more partying at one of the clubs known for the following: the largest club in the world, water parties, foam parties, and after parties. Fiesta grande doesn’t even begin to cover it.

The island is also home to the electronic dance “movement” with many “artists” as permanent residents. And while Wikipedia doesn’t give a lot of information about the recreational drug use scene, we wouldn’t want to leave it out of the island’s features.

Did we mention there’s a Vengaboys song about it?

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Stacey Swoyer said:
Mar 21, 2012 at 2:18 pm

It is legitimate happiness to study you blog!