College-educated model and former chancellor’s daughter, Alike Boggan (not pictured right) has found her true calling as a case worker on “Deal or No Deal”. What does this beauty who made People’s 100 Most Beautiful People look like? Inside Bay Area has the bling-tastic headshot.

Not one to sell sex, the model lets us in on the intimate details of her life. She describes her eating habits, passion for fashion, and how men leave with nothing after one time with her.

We’re pretty she’s confessing to lying about anorexia, right?:

bq. “I’ll say I’m just having tea and a bowl of oatmeal, but at the end of the day I’ll tell the other models that I ended up eating handfuls of M&M’s and three pieces of chocolate cake.”

Even when running on less than 1000 calories a day this girl cannot be held down:

bq. “I went [to Howard University] thinking I would become a sports announcer or something in that line, but after talking to my Black Poetry professor about how much I loved fashion, I changed,” Boggan says. “After I graduated, I went to Los Angeles to work in wardrobe.”

One thing lead to another, and pretty soon she was working with -clients- contestants on a regular basis:

bq. She said it was particularly hard on a show a few weeks ago when a guy with a great personality kept trying to win the big money….[he] ended up with just $10.

Oh, we bet.

It seems like every office wants to know what you think right now, right when your at the height of better things to do than click a series of radio buttons.

But if you do, they promise to toss your name in a raffle for “prizes”. Last week, we reported on the chance to win $100 student group donations and $100 Amazon gift certificates. This week, Parking & Transportation raises the issue of seemingly corporate-sponsored compensation:

Tasty: $50 Cal Dining meal plan voucher
Railroad bonanza: A train trip for four to the railroad museum in Sacramento
Driving yourself crazy: Car-sharing membership and $100 driving voucher
More craziness: $100 Enterprise rent-a-car gift certificate
Proportionally disconnected: 1 365-day car-sharing membership and 1 day of driving
School bussing: AC Transit employee Bearpass

At peer institutions such as Columbia, students can be entered to win an iPod for completing teaching evaluations. Their dean also has a sense of humor, or multiplication disorder. One thing they don’t have, however, is Jonathan Poullard.

Networking Opportunities Like This Only Come Up at Random
Networking Opportunities Like This Don’t Come Up

??Courtesy UC Berkeley??

So the time has finally come and in a 7-0 vote, the UC Regents’ Committee on Grounds and Buildings have approved the construction of the Student-High Performance Center that will be constructed right next to Memorial Stadium. (Daily Cal story “here”:, release “here”:

And so the fight begins. The City of Berkeley has 30 days to file a suit to prevent the beginning of the construction. But they’re not the only ones looking to stop any further movements with the new stadium project.

Those “rabble-rousers on top of Tightwad Hill”: will also put up a fight as well as those “Save the Oaks people”:

What this all means is that this new stadium project is looking at a huge delay. So, with that said, it’s time to strap on those gloves and get ready for a full 12 rounds, because we’re sure this fight is going to go that long.

Of course there would have been a couple of ways to avoid all of this. The university could have, during the planning stages, let the city know what it was doing. (Yeah right).

The university could have also asked for community input during planning stages. (Pleeeaasse)

The university will never do that. It didn’t do that and now its plans for future renovations are going to be stalled. Great.

How are you going to Save the Oaks, keep Tightwad Hill and renovate the stadium? Send comments to “[email protected]”:mailto:[email protected]

We usually wouldn’t lament over the firing of someone who works over on The Farm, but “Stanfurd football coach Walt Harris’ firing”: comes to a surprise to us.

Well, not really, but we did want “Harris to stay”: on The Farm for at least a couple more years.

But then again, Harris should have seen the writing on the wall. With a new athletic director and horrible results on the football field, the only way Harris could have saved his job if his Cardinal could have pulled off the upset last Saturday. Of course “that didn’t happen”: and there he went.

We never really liked these quick-fingered athletic director’s firing coaches after two or three years of coaching. That isn’t enough time for a coach to build a team. How can you judge a coach when the players he has are all from a regime that was far worse than when he came in.

Buddy Teevens got a lickin’ in the recruiting market ever since Jeff Tedford took the sidelines at Memorial Stadium. It isn’t Harris’ fault that he inherited a horrible football program. Teevens got axed because he turned a once promising Stanfurd football team into the laughing stock of the Pac-10.

Walt Harris, you deserved better.

At least we get to pencil in one win for Cal every year for the next four. The Axe and the Big Game will belong to the Bears for at least that long, maybe even longer.

Today, college newsapers across the nation ran the following editorial in their opinion section. The editorial is a show of solidarity in support of Zach Fox, a student journalist at USC who was blocked from re-election as the Daily Trojan’s editor in chief by USC administrators.

Eighteen student presses ran the editorial, including yours truly. But what about the student papers that didn’t run the editorial? Although we have no idea what their reasoning was, we’ve compiled a list of the most conspicuous absentees below:

1. The Daily Bruin.

bq. Sure, they run AP content (meaning that not all their articles are written by Daily Bruin staff), but the Daily Bruin will not deign to run anybody else’s editorial content. Riding the tails of an inspiring football victory over USC, we suspect that the Daily Bruin refused to run the editorial because they really want to rub it in a little more.

2. The Daily Northwestern.

bq. Northwestern is home of the Medill School of Journalism, offering the number one undergraduate degree in journalism. But apparently, they are not yet fans of the free press.

By the numbers:

–number of student newspapers affiliated with the UC system that printed the editorial: 1/10.

(We’re not quite sure if UC Merced’s The Prodigy counts yet, or if UCSF’s Synapse is quite as student oriented as would beget proper inclusion, but that’s where the 10 comes from. Also, we note the visionary editorial content of the Synapse, not unlike our own.)

bq. Apparently the Daily Californian is still leading the pack when it comes to defying the man and attaching ourselves to important causes.

–number of student newspapers affiliated with Ivy league schools that ran the editorial: 6/8

bq. USC’s entitled private school brethren have, as an institution, been more supportive of their cause. However, there are two notable exceptions: The Dartmouth and the Columbia Daily Spectator. We can only assume that the student journalists at Columbia were too busy watching the Gates for this to come up on their radar. As for the kids in Hanover, it might just be so cold there that their minds have frozen into brainsicles. In which case we excuse them of the oversight.

The battle for People’s Park rages on today behind closed doors. A university-appointed panel is debating the future of the park, a cause which Cal is throwing $100,000 at.

But all of this is boring, except for one great quote and numerous granola-lifestyle references:

bq. “I think today if the university turned off its Wi-Fi [wireless Internet access], they’d get bigger demonstrations than they would for People’s Park.”

# “free food and clothing”
# “the trees are named after deceased activists”
# “grape arbor is made from the wood of a volleyball court”
# “high ideals of brotherhood and community that marked its origins”
# “those who marched for the park’s creation”
Mayor Bates “still keeps a piece of souvenir asphalt that protesters ripped from a parking lot the university later built on the property”
# “I love the idea of having some kind of memorial recognition there,” Bates said.
# “wooded park has become a drug haven”
# “park’s large homeless population”
# “hippie concentration and rising crime.”
# “tended several gardens she maintains on the grounds
# “distributed fliers proclaiming “No Bulldozers in the Park.”
# “Compost, who changed her name to reflect her passion for organic gardening
# “A lot of the crimes are just open containers or smoking a joint,”
# “wearing a long peasant skirt
# “sitting on a bench next to the ‘John Lennon Memorial Plum Tree’…”
# “…the ‘John Lennon Memorial Plum Tree’ she planted”
# “the park’s bandstand and speakers’ platform”
# “workers from the Food Not Bombs peace collective served free vegan food”
# “advised a visitor to ‘eat more raw food’ if he wanted to lose weight”
# “the people of Berkeley have a right to adverse possession”
# “a vacant lot that students and activists turned into a flower garden, and food-sharing and free-speech zone”
# “a controversial free-clothing box”
# “‘Samatman,’ a resident mystic and park regular, the whole issue of ownership is illusory”
# “a paper plate heaped with Food Not Bombs lentils and brown rice”
# “‘Humanity as a whole is sick’”

People’s Park in Berkeley is Still a Battlefield [Los Angeles Times]

Before Cal football started its trend of whopping Stanfurd year after year, The Daily Cal began its pigskin dynasty rocking The Stanford Daily in the annual Inkbowl.

The Inkbowl is a low-budget knockoff played at a local park near the Big Game host stadium annually. In this rough and tumble touch football game rife with tradition, the winner is awarded control of the Exacto Knife for one year. In the event of a tie, the match is settled with a boat race. In the event of no tie, the match is concluded with a boat race.

The 2006 Daily Cal Inkbowl team.

MVP and Photo Editor Salgu Wissmath in the clutch.

Editor in Chief Tiffany Hsu, left, presented Sports Editor Stephen Chen, center, with the Exacto Knife after a 21-14 win.

Unfortunately the Daily Cal did not win the boat race this year. In other news, the Daily Cal has won the Exacto Knife every year since 2000, including 2004 when the Inkbowl was decided in the boat race.

Could Saturday day get any better? Yes it could.

Welcome back to the comments party, no pants necessary. Let’s get straight to your ‘tude:

RE: The Comment Party

bq. Don’t think comments should be anonymous.
– Anonymous

RE: UCLA Campus Up in Arms; Facebook Membership Exceeds 2,000

bq. We asked what you thought UCLA students should be doing to protest the tasering incident at Powell. You suggested that we “hit up YouTube for other taser movies.”

RE: ‘Super-Applicants’ Dis Berkeley

bq. Well duh they don’t really want to go to Cal. They’re from New York and New Jersey. They’re so wrapped up in their Ivy bubble they probably haven’t even heard of it.

RE: Not Actually a Big Game

bq. You guys don’t get it. The Big Game is always big… You’re also demonstrating a certain level or arrogance that will cause anyone who remembers our pre-Tedford years to cringe.


So, it wasn’t as “easy as we thought”: it’d be. But then again, like everyone always says, in rivalry games, you throw everything out the window.

To the Card, it didn’t matter that it was 1-10 and zillion point underdogs to Cal. Stanfurd did put up one hell of a fight. Maybe too much of a fight.

But somehow, “the Bears still won”:, but it sure as hell didn’t feel like Cal should have won.

We’ve said all along that this Big Game was rather meaningless. Well, after the “Small Dickless Bears thumped ‘SC”: later in the day, the Bears won their share of the their first conference championship since 1975.

Wow, PAC-10 CO-CHAMPS, after losing to ‘Zona and the Trojans.

Pretty amazing. Now, will that help against Texas A&M in the Holiday Bowl? Probably not. Cal looked unimpressive against the Pac-10s worst defensive team.

But at least, after a rather subdued Big Game, we can all take a rest and concentrate on those finals…(yeah, right).

Earlier this week we told you about OSL’s all-out strategy for getting students to complete a survey. Now, the Career Center has entered the battle for student input. What is its prize du jour?

bq. We will be giving away five $100 gift certificates to randomly selected survey participants.

What! No lunch with Jonathan Poullard? We’re shocked the Career Center wouldn’t go so far as to put its director, Tom Devlin, on the lunch menu.

Earlier: Networking Opportunities Like This Only Come Up at Random

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