We nearly collapsed after reading in the “East Bay Express blog”:http://www.eastbayexpress.com/blogs/?p=905 that “900 Grayson”:http://www.900grayson.com/ lost chef Sophina Uong. The West Berkeley restaurant has one of the best and unique Saturday brunches in Berkeley, so we were worried that its status as a beacon of deliciousness might be in in peril.

But yesterday we mustered up the courage to go in there and test the waters. Fearing the worst, we ordered a glass of Drake’s 1500 Pale Ale with our coffee to soften the potential blow of disappointment.

Thankfully, our worries were unfounded. The legendary and epic Tom Boy (pictured)—a delicious combination of poached eggs and potato/apple/corned beef hash with toast—was as glorious as ever, hitting the G-spot of sweet and meat.

Our associate got the much-celebrated Time Life Cookbook—a smoked Gouda soufflé omelet with an apple salad and hash browns—which made him weak in the knees because of its greatness. He did, however, note the hash browns were a little hard. Probably just a fluke.

Indeed, much like “The Blues are Still Blue”:http://www.belleandsebastian.com/recordings.php?release=39&view=lyrics&lyrics=414, the brunch is still brunch.

The Express blog also noted that 900 Grayson has been struggling with the Zoning Adjustment Board to extend its hours for dinner. We’re not sure how that’s going, but during our meal none other than Councilmember Linda Maio sat down next to us. One of the proprietors thanked for her support, before the two of them started talking.

If Maio is indeed supporting Grayson, it is excellent news for the restaurant. She’s pretty rational for a Berkeley politician, and has the ear of some of those NIMBYs who are undoubtedly obstructing the hours extension.

The prospect of 900 Grayson dinner. Damn. That’s a lot of sex to handle.

The college football season ended about 48 days ago. Let’s say that again: FOURTY-EIGHT DAYS AGO! And already, every online publication possible is trying to predict how the 2007 college football will go down.

U$uC watch: Already people are nabbing the Trojans to get to the BCS title game. At least Mark Schlabach over at ESPN.com is doing so.

So, if U$C gets to play for the national title in New Orleans next year, where does that leave Cal?

Well, Rivals.com (via Yahoo! Sports) has the Bears finishing second (again) to the Trojans in the Pac-10.

Great that would be the third time in four years and all Jeff Tedford can get Cal to be is the bridesmaid of the conference.

If Schlabach is right, however, then the Bears lose to ‘SC but finish second in the Pac-10 and get to visit the Rose Bowl for the second time in the 2007 season (the Bears travel to Pasadena to play fUCLA).

Wow! A Rose Bowl bid?! It’s not like we haven’t heard that before. Let’s hope that happens, even though San Diego is a nice place to be in December, we’re sure Tedford is tired of playing in the Holiday Bowl.

Will this be the year Cal finally gets back to the Granddaddy of Them All? Shout off at “[email protected]”:mailto:[email protected]

Look for USC, West Virginia to play in ’07 title game [ESPN]

Inside spring drills: Pac-10 preview [Yahoo Sports]

It can be tough to save money in this town. But this weekend the Clog found three ways student wage slaves can stretch their lettuce while still supporting a shoe fetish. Really.

1. Before you say there goes the neighborhood, you should check out the new Dollar Tree at the corner of Shattuck and Haste. Despite inside and outside appearances, there are 10 aisles of goods ranging from household items, food, and kid’s toys. The store doesn’t skimp on the dollar store atmosphere either: the flooring is a carpet equivalent of astroturf and somewhere between aisles 3 and 4 there was an odor, although it could not be determined if it were the customers in proximity or the store itself.

Finds include martini glasses with dark blue or teal colored stems, an aisle of candy, and party supplies, including St. Patrick’s Day favors before the holiday.

2. Looking for a new game to play? We bet you are. Barnes & Noble has a table of board games 75% off. Games include multiple Sudoku-themed, sports, trivia, and an Incan dice rolling game. Take one home, invite some friends over and have a new experience, with or without the board.

3. Although it’s definitely the sale after the sale after the sale, that also means cheap, cheap, cheap. Urban Outfitters has a disorganized mess of sale items 75% off. While it can be hard to find something, it’s a well earned victory when you do.

In the interest of full disclosure, one of the Clog staff works there and absolutely loves it if you try on lots of things, decide not to buy them, and hand them back in a big mess to be hung or folded.

As reported by the Daily Cal yesterday, a certain fraternity is out of the closet and trying to get into the Council. The Interfraternity Council.

Sigma Epsilon Omega, UC Berkeley’s “only” gay fraternity, is currently a student organization, but it’s seeking to make it official in the IFC. Wait a minute…aren’t all fraternities a little gay already? You know, with those polished wooden paddles and the elephant walk of new pledges?

Maybe they’re just not fabulous enough.

Travis Garcia, founder of SEO, says the fraternity is open to all interested members:

“We will not discriminate against anyone, gay or straight,” he said. “If someone who is straight feels they would be a good match for the fraternity, they will be considered like everyone else.”

We’re all for making Greek life even gayer. Just imagine: dudes actually getting into a frat party. Oh yes, that night will come.

So now that the boys have their party a-rollin’, where are our ladies? We can see it already, those famed pillow fights. With lesbians. Hold on, we might just need to change our underwear.

New Gay Fraternity Hopes to Boost Activism [Daily Cal]
Sigma Epsilon Omega Rush Spring 2007 [Facebook]
Official Site [Sigma Epsilon Omega]

Ok, ok. We’re sorry for taking so long to tell you about the homage to Berkeley on “The O.C.” season finale. Go read TV Guide or something.

Anyway, the series finale brought the cast to Berkeley where Ryan is about to begin classes at Cal. The elder Cohens decided to move out of Newport and try to buy their first home together from the gay couple now living in it. The couple refuses to sell the house, but after a baby is born in it and they hold an impromptu “Graduate”-inspired wedding in the backyard, they can hardly say no. Oh, and Sandy returns to Boalt where he teaches classes in criminal law.

Recap: 416 – “THE END’S NOT NEAR IT’S HERE” [Fox]
Earlier: One Last Round of Orange Smiles

No, we’re not talking Quakers. Today the good ol’ earth was feeling excited. Maybe it was getting ready for a little sexy to be coming back. You’ll see.

At 3:46 p.m. the earthquake struck the Berkeley area, surprising a few Daily Cal staff members in the office. The quake was centered two miles ESE of the city and reached a magnitude of 3.4.

BART stopped the trains for a few minutes to make sure everything was A-OK, but there was no damage found on the tracks and none reported around Berkeley itself.

Stephanie Hanna, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Geological Survey, weighed in to the Chron, saying that it occured on an “active fault zone” but then added, “I don’t think a 3.4 would knock an empty shampoo bottle under the sink.”

As for us, well, we didn’t even feel it. We were on a cigarette break. The world can wait while we take a drag.

Brief [San Francisco Chronicle]
Preliminary Earthquake Report [USGS]

We occasionally miss absurity in the news, but we have “[email protected]”:mailto:[email protected] for you to tell us what was left out. Some of you make this too easy for us. One ardent and loyal reader sent this in:

I know it isn’t fashionable for you guys to be reading the Berkeley Daily Planet, but imagine my surprise while skimming it waiting for BART to see Zachary “Batshit Crazy” RunningWolf threaten UCPD with violence after his most recent arrest. It looks like weeks of subsisting only on tree bark and sap have made him even more deranged, prompting him to issue the following blog-post gold mine:

bq. “I am going back into the tree,” he said after his release. “I told them that if they go into the tree after me, I will see it as a threat and respond accordingly. If they attack me, they are attacking my entire community.”

If ZRW ever had to deliver on this threat, it would make the whole oak grove circus much, much more entertaining.

Thank you our favorite, impassioned letter writer.

Oak Grove May Be Native American Burial Site [Berkeley Daily Planet]

Coming into today’s match with fUCLA, Ben Braun’s Bears have won the last two meeting in Westwood, at historic Pauley Pavilion.

Was there any inclination that it wouldn’t happen again? Sure there was. Cal’s coming off an upset of Oregon, it just beat the Beavers in overtime, and it seemed that the Bears finally found ways to win.

But against the Small Dickeless Bears, it was not to be this time, as fUCLA took back Pauley tonight.

For an instant there, it looked like Cal was actually going to pull it off. It had the lead early. The Dickless Bears didn’t look like the No. 4 team in the country and Braun’s Bears were poised for an upset.

Then something happened. Just like in “Cal’s earlier lost to fUCLA”:http://clog.dailycal.org/159/bears-denied-upset-of-fucla, the Baby Bears stopped dicking around and the Southern Branch pulled off the win.

Well, we guess this means the fairy tale’s over. Any shot of making the NCAA Tourney (it would have been a miracle anyways) died tonight. At least there’s still the NIT. Take two of the next three games, make a nice little run in the Pac-10 tournament, and hey, Cal might be seeing the postseason.


After four glorious seasons of mansions and mania, Fox’s “The O.C.” is finally getting canned, and not two seasons too soon. In tonight’s series and season finale,

bq. “The O.C.” creator Josh Schwartz promises a special homage to Berkeley and “The O.C. at Boalt” fans.

Don’t remember The O.C. at Boalt? More than just a fan club, the students started the Sandy Cohen Public Defender Fellowship, which eventually brought Peter Gallagher to campus to award.

A few scenes have been shot on campus, although most of “Berkeley” has amazingly been filmed in LA. No show or film has brought as much attention to Berkeley as “The O.C.” since “The Graduate” in 1967. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait another four decades for it to happen again.

But until we actually find out what the homage is, we’ll just have to sit back and obsess with the Livejournal community.

Spoiler: According to Buddy TV, “Sandy and Kirsten’s new baby girl Cohen has been safely born, and the Cohens are moving to Berkeley. ” No word on the homage, however.

bq. Ryan and Taylor get together, while Seth and Summer split up. Autumn Reeser let it slip weeks ago that she was getting fitted for a special dress for this episode, implying that Taylor might be getting married.

bq. Well, there’s definitely a wedding: it’s Julie getting married. Summer and Taylor appear to be bridesmaids, as they’re wearing the same dress. The question is, who is Julie marrying? Bullitt or Frank Atwood? Both Kevin Sorbo and Gary Grubbs are slated to guest star in this episode.

‘The O.C.’ closes its gates for good tonight [Inside Bay Area]

We almost made a mess of our coffee this morning while scanning the pages of the San Francisco Chronicle.

For an instant we thought that the Chron, which has pretty solid Berkeley coverage, scored a major Berkeley scoop: “the possible conversion of Bowles Hall into an Haas executive training center”:http://sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2007/02/22/BAGFMO8PA41.DTL.

But then our momentary delirium tremens subsided, and we remembered that the Daily Cal “reported the story oh … more than a year ago”:http://www.dailycal.org/sharticle.php?id=20616 and then “followed up on it almost three months ago”:http://www.dailycal.org/sharticle.php?id=22430.

Better later than never.

While the Daily Cal took a straightforward approach to the story, the Chron creamed its jeans bigtime in talking about the all-male dorm’s fabled and notorious Bacchic exploits:

bq. “A house mother presided, ‘Bowlesmen’ ran the dorm with legendary fellowship and antics, such as dropping water bags on residents coming home from finals.”

However, the university basically gutted Bowles’ soul of debauchery back in 2005 when it banned returning residents after one too many boys will be boys incident.

Now it’s a freshmen residence, so there’s not much tradition to preserve.

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