Everyone wants a piece of the ASUC elections pie. 92510, an East Bay Express blog, spreads Cal’s election woes to the Bay Area using a quote from the Catalytic Triad in its headline: “Cal Elections Emit ‘A Vile Scent of Deception.’” 92510 steps around the issue of election politicking, possibly due to its removed naivety, so let us clarify. It will get ugly. You have no idea.

92510 is somewhat offended that one would mock the number of Facebook friends Ilana Nankin has rather than make fun of one of the men running:

bq. Well, Chris [Catalytic Triad author], how about lambasting one of the guys instead?

Do they need more bread and butter? We say let them eat cake.

Still, it seems there’s too much penis in the politics for 92510. We guess the vibrator-racers of SQUELCH! aren’t vagina-friendly enough.

Then there’s more hating and they link to candidate Justin Azadivar’s Beetle Beat without mentioning that he is running himself, kind of.

In any case, it’s amusing to see elections get attention outside of Cal, although one might wish the campus’s better face to get the limelight instead. Actually, scratch that. ASUC elections are the soap operas of student life, and oh, we friggin’ love to hate them.

Chris Smyr said:
Mar 22, 2007 at 6:31 pm

I’m still not sure why the umbrage was taken for my small jab at Ilana. Outsiders just don’t know our pain, I guess.