The madness that is the ASUC elections got started a bit early this year.

While it may be weeks before we see those large-ass, annoying signs all over campus and the death of trees because of all the fliering that those ASUC candidates like to take part in (not to mention all those silly party posters), our good friends have extended the registration deadline for this year’s elections.

So, if you really wanted to spend an eternity in the ASUC and forgot to sign up, you can still do so. The deadline in 9 a.m. on Thursday.

But why the deadline extension?

It seems that the ASUC senators really needed to have a hearing on a referendum and two constitutional amendments before the registration deadline…and oops, they forgot to do that.

So the kind Judicial Council granted the extension and now, tomorrow night, you can go to that meeting and sign up to run in the “Me and Oren Used to be Tight” party. Oh, and you can actually see what the senators decide about that referendum and constitutional amendments.

Seems like Student Action needs a new poster up…“Extending the Registration Deadline” DONE!

Filing Deadline Extension Gets Go-Ahead [Daily Cal]

Oh, you like us. You really like us.

Well, maybe not you, but somebody does. Along with other members of the Daily Cal, the Clog will receive a Mark of Excellence award. We Cloggers have been honored in the category Best Affiliated Web site for our region. Cheers, thanks a lot.

The Society of Professional Journalists awards the Mark of Excellence to honor “the best in student journalism” in various regions of the country. Those who win first place in their region go on to the national competition in Washington. SPJ recently announced the regional winners in 39 categories. The organization has yet to announce the places (you know, first, second, third, and Awesome Almighty)—instead, we have to dance around excitedly until the awards ceremony.

SPJ distinguished a handful of the Daily Cal staff, particularly the sports section. The Clog shouts out a “wut it do” to the following OGs:
* Brian Bainum, Stephen Chen and Steven Durst for Online Sports Reporting in “Football: Cal at USC”
* Stephen Chen for Sports Column Writing in “Cal Football Columns”
* Amina Khan in Editorial Writing for “Intelligent Activism”
* Bryan Thomas in In-Depth Reporting for “Living on the Fault”

SPJ also distinguished the campus publication Ethsix in the category Best Student Magazine. Ethsix is a single issue magazine put forth by UC Berkeley’s School of Journalism and School of Social Work.

When it comes to judging the submissions, SPJ looks for ingenuity, journalistic standards, insight and creativity. Of course we at the Clog have all these, plus some superhero talents. Right now, for instance, we can totally see you naked. (OK, maybe we’re imagining you naked. Same difference.)

May 5, SPJ will hold the awards ceremony in Fullerton, California. There the presenters will announce the actual place awarded for each winner. Cross your fingers! We may bring home a pimp cup.

As if living in a co-op weren’t dirty enough, a group of students decided to make a music video parody to extol the cleanliness of communal housing. The video is by a group calling themselves The It Kids who have organized enough to have a nonsensical website to advertise their brand of “comedy that tastes dangerous. like uncooked chicken.”

“Smallpox Back (Hella Contagious)” includes a three-point hat, squeezing puss from pox, scatology, crawling on the bathroom floor, and a wheelchair on the steps of the Castro co-op. One user from the Livejournal community alludes to a girls-in-bikinis-dancing scene that was left on the cutting room floor. Maybe that would have brought sexy back.

who recognizes these berkeley students or this co-op? [Livejournal community]

Berkeley has been inundated with A-List stars as of late. Ranging in fields of stardom, they have captured the attention of the students in one way or another.

The Movie Stud: Adam Sandler came to show of his new movie Reign Over Me in which he moves in with his college roommate after losing his family in the 9/11 attacks. CalTV worked the red carpet for interviews with Sandler and Don Cheadle.

The Political Stud: Barack Obama held a rally in Oakland this Saturday, subsequently draining Berkeley of a number of students. We’re hearing he’s as inspriring and charismatic as the rumors say he is.

The Intellectual Stud: Cosmologist Stephen Hawking spoke to capacity crowds in Zellerbach Hall and a live simulcast in Wheeler on the origin of the universe. Hawking may not be here forever, but his webcast is available any time.

With promises of a smörgåsbord of nakedness at the epicenter of Oakgate Saturday, we worried the sexy “we worked so hard to build”: might die in a brilliant flash of hippy flesh.

While a “perversion of sexy”: did certainly come to pass, we are reasonably certain that the 100 or so naked people who posed at the oak grove fell short of providing the requisite anti-sexy.

Just to prove it, we uncovered a “video”: of the unfortunate event.

As the video shows, the naked subjects are what you’d expect of people willing to get their junk all up in dirt and bark, but the shooter is a different story. What photographer Jack Gescheidt lacks in coherence he makes up for with dreaminess. Mmm.

And if you need an even closer look, the Chron has a “story”: with a whopping “nine photos”: Looks like the paper has a wood problem of its own.

It’s so hard to find a measly date at UC Berkeley, even with your powerful Berkeley goggles prescription. It makes us want to screw the dating and just get straight to the screwing. Nothing a paper bag over the head can’t handle.

And we at the Clog care about the student body’s sexual needs. We’re getting laid regularly, but we understand that those who aren’t may need a little extra help. So here it is, from us to you: Craigslist made easy.

You know, why let loose on just Fridays? Every day is casual when you’ve got the best of CL’s personals at your fingertips.

Are you a lucky lady looking for some loving? We’ve got some lusty lads longing for a little of your luscious legs (and what’s in between). Who knows? You may fall in love–or make some.

If you’ve got a “clean shaven kitty” (and we don’t think he means a Mr. Bigglesworth), bachelor no. 1 may be the man for you. This one’s got quite the wit. He claims, “I know of a couple parties in berkeley and we can get down at those, then get down on each other. I am especially looking forward to the latter.” Me-ow!

Need equality in bed? Bachelor no. 2 wants to wear out your welcome mat. He’s going to bone his petite miss

bq. To the point that she is pulling my hair out, because my face is buried deep into her most private of areas delivering TOO MUCH pleasure. Or maybe her voice reaches that certain pitch, she has to bite her lip, and closeher eyes from the continuous pounding from the front and of course from the behind.

We hope you accept packages at your back door. It looks like this one will deliver.

Maybe you’re missing out ’cause you’re out of town this weekend. Umm, hate to break it to you, but…your boy’s cheating on you. With men. Not-so-bachelor no. 3 is “lookin for brothaly luv” while you’re out of town. But boys, “if you can rock like a porn star,” then you best act now. He’s even got a cock shot. Schaa-wing.

Casual Encounters [Craigslist Personals]

Dude. Bro. We’re getting crunk tonight.

No, not because it’s St. Patty’s Day. Or even because the new class schedule is out. Nah, it’s the Persian New Year, kir. We’re going to party like it’s 1385.

So’s the rest of the campus. If you’re all done splashing around in paint for Holi or totally over guzzling down green booze, try jumping over some fire. Hellz yeah.

Norouz marks the first day of spring and the first day of the new year for Persians around the globe. While it may be 2007 for most of us, Persians are looking forward to a brand new 1386. Its celebration usually involves a fire-jumping ceremony (or strutting across hot coals for others) and culminates in a massive Persian-food-induced orgasm. Salaam, bitches.

If you don’t have a large Persian family you call your own, you can still get in on the action. Tonight, at 7 p.m., Iranian Student Alliance in America and Iranian Student Cultural Organization are sponsoring a night of music and dance. The party is going to be a-rockin’ in the penthouse of Barrows Hall – that’s the Lipman Room. Admission is $8 for students.

And we’d do pretty much anything to hang with hot Persian boys. Maybe they’ll let us – ahem – sample their hookah.

Now! Rooz [Facebook Event]

We forewarned you about the impending demise of sexy at Berkeley this weekend. Details are pouring in at an astonishingly slow rate, but the CoCo gives us the time: 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. Saturday. If that’s about the time you start your walk of shame, well, maybe that is when the clock strikes unsexy.

The photographer expects a large group for the nude photo shoot:

bq. “Just how large, we won’t know until the moment comes, but it will be big,” he said in a statement.

And if you want to see how ridiculous this photo shoot for the Tree Spirit Project will be, take a look at previous photos. Definitely entertaining, but won’t give you a woody.

A call to Berkeley students: don’t let sexy die!

People to stand naked in name of art [Contra Costa Times]

Put aside your weekend drinking plans, the new fall schedule of classes is up. We know how you like to spend your Saturday nights planning the schedule that lets you get up as late as possible everyday yet fulfills 10 requirements while only taking 13 units. And since this weekend is St. Patrick’s Day, you can do it with some green beer at your side.

Just like every semester, the schedule is in its covert mode for now. Although there’s no new nifty image to say Fall 2006, clicking on it will search the Fall 2007 classes.

One will notice that the Political Science department is continuing to restrict Zook’s classes, ever since it “not personal[ly]” restricted them last semester.

Like you really need a link for this: Schedule of Classes
Discussion: Fall 2007 Schedule [Livejournal Community]

We hope that none of your brackets were busted yesterday when absolutely NO ONE was upset in the NCAA Tournament. Okay, Duke going down isn’t much of an upset, especially when you dislike the Devils as much as we do.

But don’t jump out of your second story apartment just yet (it’s okay, Old Dominion wasn’t going to make run anyway), we give you the musing of a former Cal player who actually played in the Tournament.

We always thought former Bears forward Rod Benson was going to be a funny guy. Just look at him – he’s lanky, his eyes are droopy and he wore a shirt under his jersey.

We discovered two of his blogs. One is for the NBA Development League, where Benson plays for the Dakota Wizards (you hear that DeVon Hardin? “Stay in school”:

It’s kinda cool, if you like reading about what goes on in professional basketball’s “minor leagues”:

But his “other blog is just outright AWESOME”:! It’s got a homies page and a RB info page and photos and videos! It’s like an entire website of Rod Benson hilarity.

We just have to say that the Dakotas will never be the same…

bq. She’s 6’3”, 275-300 lbs. I kid you not this is her size. As soon as I walk in, Corey Williams says to me “Hey Rod, ask her to give you the hug.” She then says “Oh you want the hug?” I look at her from head to toe then I look at Corey the same way you would look at Steve Irwin if he asked you if you wanted to hunt crocodiles. I say to Corey: “THE hug doesn’t sound good. If it was A hug that’s one thing, but THE hug sounds like it’s a little too much.” Right then she just grabs me and picks me up about 5 feet in the air in the middle of the bar.

Where have you gone Rod Benson? Our nation turns it’s lonely eyes to…never mind. But Rod, you’re hilarious.

“Too Much Rod Benson”:

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