Oakgate éminence grise Zachary RunningWolf is bringing out the big guns in his legal fight.

RunningWolf appeared in court today with four unpaid attorneys including the high-profile Tony Serra, who just finished a 10-month stint in federal prison for income tax evasion.

Getting Serra as an attorney is quite a coup for RunningWolf. A graduate of the Boalt Hall School of Law, Serra is a legendary radical who represented the likes of Black Panther Huey Newton and Hells Angels.

Maybe we’re just too young to understand, but it’s difficult for us to see how RunningWolf’s case is remotely worthy of being an important radical cause.

The former mayoral candidate is charged with resisting a police officer and making threats in a February incident at the oak grove. RunningWolf was then arrested April 6: for having a few outstanding traffic warrants.

According to Bay City News, Serra thinks he could get the Oakgate-related charges dropped in exchange for a guilty plea on the traffic charges.

That’s right—stick it to the man with a plea bargain.


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