It looks like the guys at SPiN on Sports, a subdivision of, have been a little bored as of late.

Inspired by the Discovery Chanel’s Planet Earth series, the guys at SPiN have created a March Madness-esque tournament to see who (or what) is the most dominant mascot of all-time!

And of course Cal is in the field of 64 animals/inanimate objects/things/people.

The Golden Bears are the No. 5 seed taking on the Iowa Hawkeyes in the “Predator Region.”

Why Oski is in the “Predator Region,” we really don’t know. We mean, look at him. He doesn’t look like he can eat anyone (or anything for that matter). We do know that all he’s good for is chopping down some trees.

Speaking of trees, the Stanfurd Cardinal is the No. 14 seed in the “Inanimates/Mythological Creatures Region.” So which category do you think “Cardinal” fits under? Inanimate or Mythological? We’d go for the mythological, since a prancing tree seems pretty mythic.

Notably, the Small Dickless Bears, aka, fUCLA, didn’t get into the tournament. Why? We’re guessing they were too busy being small and dickless.

Voting for the first rounds continues through April 27th, when SPiN will be announcing the quarterfinal matchups.

It should be an easy win for Cal. We mean, it’s Iowa and it’s a hawk. Don’t Bears eat Hawks?

Most Dominant College Mascot on Earth: First Round [SPiN]

Kate said:
Apr 26, 2007 at 10:59 am

Re: “have been a little board as of late.” Are you implying they all have woodies, or are you showing off your inability to spell?