The Daily Cal is reporting that ESPN has not yet chosen the Cal-Tennessee game as the site for their first show of the 2007 season of ESPN College GameDay, a highly popular college football pregame show. had reported that ESPN had chosen that game for the first College GameDay show of the year, but neither Cal nor ESPN could confirm that Chris Fowler, Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit will be in Berkeley on Sept. 1.

This is what John Sudsbury, a Cal spokesperson, told the Daily Cal:

The only thing we know right now is that we’re in consideration for it. Nothing has been decided yet and nothing has been confirmed, even though it was on that one website ( They just said that we’re definitely in the consideration.

ESPN media guys have also denounced the rumor that Corso and Herbstreit will be checking out all the hot Tree-wok ladies on Sept. 1.

ESPN Senior Media Relations Director Rob Tobias said:

It’s unlikely that we’ve determined what sites we are going to visit in the fall just yet. I don’t think we’re even close to finalizing our schedule.

There are two possible scenarios for this fiasco: One, The Bear Insider jumped the gun. Or two, ESPN’s just being douchey and doesn’t want to announce that it’s coming to Berkeley just yet. You decide.

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