Well, the view from Tightwad Hill will probably be pretty shitty this year. The slow progress of the Jack London Square construction project has nixed the traditional July 4th fireworks display. Our condolences to lovers of shiny explosions. All the poor denizens of Oakland shall go fireworkless on their day of freedom. Somewhere in the hills, the Grinch of Oaktown (E 40’s evil twin?) is smiling and snickering.

City Council President Ignacio De La Fuente griped

bq. There aren’t many opportunities for our residents to enjoy the water for free.

Hmm. Something tell us that when De La Fuente said that, he really was thinking, “How the hell else can we make use of that mercury-ridden filth pool?!”

So why didn’t Oakland look ahead and plan an alternative celebration? We’re quite curious. And stunner shaded—but not in the good way.

No worries, though. Oakland has decided to merely postpone July 4th. Fireworks will be incorporated into a July 28th music festival at Middle Harbor Shoreline Park. Hopefully the bombs bursting in air will drown out the sound of George Washington’s ghost vomiting.

This brings us an interesting opportunity, though. Is it possible to make July 28th “International Hyphy Day”? Can we make up a story in which a martyred Mac Dre valiantly expels So Cal from our music scene in a momentous, high stakes, July 28th side-show? Just a thought.

Image Source: Daily Cal
Oakland July 4 fireworks cancelled [Inside Bay Area]


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