We were appalled with ESPN six months ago. Six months ago, ESPN had the moxie to give us bowl predictions for this upcoming season—which begins next Saturday.

Sure, ESPN gave Cal the nod at going to the Rose Bowl this year (after losing to USC, again, no less), but that was six months ago. What did anyone know about the upcoming season?

Almost nothing.

So, we’re a week away from the start of college football, and yes, those predictions are coming out again. We still think they’re too early, but hey, we like to give you our thoughts about them.

We guess that SI.com has become the resident Cal-hater among “respectable” publications (or Web sites). We think they’ve taken Stewart Mandel’s cautionary advice too far and that they must have a UCLA grad on the staff somewhere—even if he or she is just a janitor.

SI.com is predicting that the Bears will travel to El Paso for the Sun Bowl (the hell of college bowl games). USC plays for the national title while the Bruins head two hours (five hours if there’s traffic) south to play in the Holiday Bowl in San Diego.

Does SI.com really think that the Holiday Bowl will pick UCLA over Cal if both teams finish with identical records? Well, we probably would. The Bruins still have a little bit more marketability over the Bears. And as we know, these bowl games are all about the money.

Speaking of having identical records with UCLA, to whom does Cal lose in the conference? And if all three loses for the Bears are in conference, then does that mean Tedford’s boys shut up all those SEC fans and beat Tennessee in seven days?

Over at SportsLine.com (or CBS Sports? We think they changed their name), Dennis Dodd thinks Cal heads to Pasadena for the Rose Bowl.

He also rants about a lot of other things. Like how new Stanfurd coach Jim Harbaugh hired his defensive coordinator—by searching the Internet.

Image Source: Deng-Kai Chen, Daily Cal
Sports Illustrated’s Bowl Projections [SI.com]
Twenty-five things to watch this season [CBS Sports]

According to a story in the Oakland Trib, UC Berkeley still wants to try to settle a lawsuit with the city of Berkeley concerning that new student athlete high performance center that the university wants to build right next to Memorial Stadium.

But Cal has apparently set a deadline, according to Chancellor Robert Birgeneau.

bq. “(The deadline for a settlement is Sept. 18) and we will be working with them to the last minute,” Birgeneau said at his on-campus back-to-school briefing before the fall semester starts Monday.

Why Sept. 18? That’s because that’s the day before this lawsuit goes to trial.

But of course, the city says that they have seen a settlement proposal.

bq. “We had a settlement meeting with them, and they didn’t offer anything,” Deputy City Attorney Zach Cowen said. “We haven’t received anything that says, ‘Here’s what we’ve decided we’re going to do.’”

And interestingly enough, the public can vote on this issue. You can head over to kitchendemocracy.com and voice your opinion on whether or not Cal should build the Student-Athlete Performance Center. As of right now, you, the public think that the thing should be built.

Image Source: Ben Gallup, Daily Cal
UC Berkeley still hopes to settle city suit [Oakland Trib]
UC Berkeley still hopes to settle city s Should the University build a Student Athlete High Performance Center adjacent to Memorial Stadium? [Kitchen Democracy]

Playboy Enterprises Inc. is jumping on the Facebook bandwagon. Playboy recently launched a new social networking site called Playboy U.

Touted as an “exclusive college-only non-nude” site, Playboy U is like Facebook, only before it allowed everybody and their mothers to join. It requires your .edu e-mail address for an invite to the site and a sexy picture of you or your blonde girlfriend. OK, maybe not the latter, but it does sound rather elitist.

The site shows various good-looking and party-type co-eds under the tag “Join our student body.” The Wired Campus thinks that’s kinda lame, and we agree. Rather, they suggest:

bq. Facebook with foldouts.

bq. I only read it for the networking.

bq. MySpace or yours?

We like that last one, as well as a reader’s contribution. Reader Joe suggests: “Where getting poked really means something.” We can dig it.

What do you think? What’s a better tagline for the site? And, more importantly, WTF?

Image Source: Jacob Appelbaum under Creative Commons ShareAlike
Home Page [Playboy U]
Playboy U. Hopes to Score With Students [The Wired Campus]

It’s Welcome Week. We’ve got less than seven days before school starts, it’s hot, we’re infested with freshmen and we’re jonesing for some frozen yogurt. We all know that Yogurt Park is the unheralded king of the fro-yo in Berkeley, but the lines can get uber-long. Is there anywhere else we can get frozen yogurt? Of course there is, and they’re all in a five-minute walk away from Yogurt Park.

So we tasted the most basic (a.k.a. lamest) frozen yogurt flavor (usually some sort of vanilla) and one mix-in of our choosing.

Oh, btw, we’re introducing our newest clogger with this piece, just in case you’re wondering “who is that strange girl in that picture?”

First, we had to have some Yogurt Park. You have to. And, if you’re too lazy to come on down to Sather Lane and see which flavor they’re serving, they boast a flavor hotline that you can call and see what flavors they’re mixing that day.

*French Vanilla with Heath Bar, $2.65*

*Christine Borden:* Ahh, it keeps dripping.
*Krista Lane:* That’s because it’s overflowing with French flavor.
*CB:* Ewww…
*KL:* (mumble, mumble)
*Gerald Nicdao:* What?
*KL:* Structural integrity problems.
*GN:* But I love Heath bars.

It’s kind of hard to “eat” your frozen yogurt after it melts in five minutes, but the Heath bar was awesome.
*Yogurty-goodness factor:* 6/10
*Melt factor:* 2/10


Up next we went to the unassuming Michelle’s Yogurt and Treats, which is right across the street from Yogurt Park. And, unlike Yogurt Park, at Michelle’s you not only do you get fro-yo, but you can pig out on all the candy you want.

*Double Vanilla with peanut butter cups, $2.65*

*KL:* The cookie dough doesn’t look very good and what’s with all the cheesy music from those sixth grade dances?
*CB:* I had a momentary twitch in my eye. I think it was all the bad music.
*KL:* It to is melting rapidly, but not as much as the Yogurt Park.
*GN:* Oh, no! The peanut butter is falling. I have to save the peanut butter.
*CB:* This has a much milder taste. The Yogurt Park was too sweet.
*KL:* That’s because that was French vanilla.
*CB:* Yeah, but this one is double vanilla. What does that mean?

It didn’t melt as fast, but it was just sorta “blah.”
*Yogurty-goodness factor:* 5/10
*Melt factor:* 4/10


Lastly, we thought we’d give the new kids on the block a try. Papamingo, natural gourmet frozen yogurt, is located on the corner of Channing and Telegraph avenues and offers us a squeaky-plastic-clean environment right across the street from Berkeley Thai House. It was also the most expensive, but there’s an awesome 10 percent discount if you’re a student.

*Yogurt with Cap’n Crunch, $3.11*

*GN:* Look at all that cereal!
*CB:* Oh, that’s definitely yogurt.
*KL:* You know when hippies have granola and yogurt, this reminds me of that.

(Censored conversation)

*CB:* No one was forced to eat this.
*KL:* Yeah it kind of grew on you.
*CB:* Like culture! Get it? Like yogurt culture.

*Yogurty-goodness factor:* 7/10
*Melt factor:* 7.5/10

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Remember the huge Berkeley Housing Authority scandal earlier in the summer? The new people involved in the Housing Authority are now cleaning out the mess left behind, and that may mean eliminating various waiting lists for subsidized housing.

That’s not necessarily a good thing, folks. The waiting lists include more than 5,000 people, some of whom have been waiting for eight years. These people, if the waiting lists go kaput, will have five days to reapply.

The plan to toss out the lists goes before the Housing Authority board of commissioners this evening.

This wasn’t an easy decision to make, according to Housing Authority Executive Director Tia Ingram. She “had no choice,” East Bay Daily News reports.

The initial problem arose over disorganized data:

bq. “We couldn’t determine which was the accurate list,” Ingram said, adding that she found three different lists in circulation at the agency when she came on board last year. “So we talked to HUD and found the most equitable thing to do is toss all three and start over. I’ve lost a lot of sleep thinking about what to do. What’s fair?”

She continues that she’ll “spend some sleepless time tonight” to come up with a satisfactory answer to those people who have been waiting for eight years.

Tonight, eh? Well, we guess those folks waiting for years could handle another night. And then, hey, what do you know? No more waiting for them. ‘Cause they won’t be on the waiting list anymore. Problem solved.

Another great decision made, an unsightly issue fixed. Chalk it up to the reliable ol’ Berkeley Housing Authority. (Well, at least it’s better than fraud, right?)

Housing waiting list may be axed [East Bay Daily News]
Earlier: Housing Agency: The Roof Is on Fire

The Clog is generous and, quite frankly, desperately wants more readers. It’s only expected then that we would give away something to a lucky reader.

Way back when, we reviewed a particular messenger bag donated to us. The G-Tech iPod-Enabled Messenger Bag works just like a normal messenger bag, but it can also hook up to your MP3 player of choice and crank out your tunes.

The bag is valued at $129, in case you’re cheap and want to sell that sucka on eBay. Hey, it’ll be your bag, and you can do whatever you want with it.

This raffle is open to UC Berkeley students only (sorry, we’re cheap too, and we don’t pay for shipping). Fill out a comment below, leaving your full name, your e-mail (so that we can contact you) and your year at UC Berkeley. No one but us will be able to view your e-mail address, so you don’t have to fret about spam.

At 12:00 a.m. Tuesday (that means the end of Monday and start of Tuesday), the raffle will be closed. We will draw a name out of a hat, and that name will be the winner. We’ll contact you lucky SOB and then you’ll walk away with a free book bag for the new school year.

Questions? Email us at [email protected]

If you haven’t already seen the ESPN the Magazine cover with DeSean Jackson on it, well, we just got to say it’s the best of the three regional covers.

While Arkansas’s Darren McFadden and Brian Brohm of Louisville are just standing there, looking like they’re hot stuff, D-Jax took to the air, flying to catch a football.

Haven’t seen it yet? Click on that video up there, which was taken during the photo shoot for ESPN the Mag. At the very end, you see the Golden Blur’s cover, alongside the other two really boring ones.

It’s really interesting to see that ESPN went away from the whole USC bias and went with D-Jax for the west coast cover. We guess John David Booty(call) wasn’t flashy enough. And maybe that was a good thing, because then we’d have three covers that look exactly the same.

And it’s interesting how D-Jax keeps referencing Tupac’s “All Eyez On Me” album, especially in the video and in SI.com’s most recent feature on the speedy wide-out.

But hey, if Cal beats Tennessee on Sept. 1 and D-Jax has one of those amazing punt returns or makes an amazing grab, then all eyes better be on him (and the Bears).

Cal’s DeSean Jackson Featured on Cover of ESPN The Magazine [Calbears.com]
Star DeSean Jackson is used to being in the spotlight [SI.com]

As the Daily Cal reminisces about what it was like in the Summer of Love back in 1967, the Associated Press (via the Chron) took a look back at how California’s dream for free public education has failed.

Free public education? Really? No way! What a concept.

That’s what former UC President Clark Kerr’s dream was—essentially free public education for all California residents.

The AP story shows us how, in the last 40 years, that vision has changed. It tells the story of three different Cal students going to school at different times.

When John Garamendi went to school, it cost about $170 a year. Jeff Chang had to pay $1,300 in the 1980s, and today, well, we all know how much we have to pay for school.

bq. “We are making a fundamental policy error, a strategic policy error in allowing the fees to increase,” says Garamendi, who has children in the UC system and now sits on the system’s governing Board of Regents in his role as lieutenant governor.

The reason for the fee increases comes from the growing expenses the state has to deal with from prisons to infrastructure—and then there’s always Proposition 13.

As the story points out, in 1970, 7 percent of the state’s budget went to UC. Today only 3.5 percent goes to the university.

So essentially, Kerr’s Master Plan has failed, but not because of poor planning.

We’ll never go back to paying $170 per year to go to school in California, but students don’t have to and shouldn’t have to pay higher and higher fees just to get a decent (or world class) education.

Anyone want to take that De Lorean and travel back in time with us?

40th Anniversary of the Summer of Love [Daily Cal]
California dream of free college wilts under fiscal pressure [SF Gate]

Continuing on with what seems to be the new “thing,” CalTV features another interview on its site, this time with the stars of “Superbad.”

You’re already well aware how we received the previous interviews. To say the least, we weren’t impressed. Did CalTV change our minds this time?

Hmm … no. Don’t take this the wrong way, but we preferred the Daily Cal’s interview over this one. Despite being in print, the DC interview manages to capture character and humor much more than the camera does for CalTV.

So Tim Jaconnette is an improvement, but the talent still isn’t where it should be. Jaconnette moves around too much, and the camera struggles to keep him in frame without panning at the speed of light. Good energy, but might we suggest maybe one less espresso?

The guys of “Superbad”–Jonah Hill, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Michael Cera–are dull and rather boring at the beginning. They seem tired, answering the usual questions about the movie. On a technical note, the lavalier mike for Cera sounds boxy and too far away to capture his voice just right.

It picks up, and the piece ends on a higher note once Jaconnette asks the guys about themselves and how they all get along. The guys are comfortable talking about their friendships.

Had CalTV had more time with the guys to warm them up and had CalTV cut out the first questions, the interview would have been more engaging. Alas, it was not.

We’d like to rectify this problem. You know, CalTV, we had four years experience of video production and two years experience in TV journalism in high school. Care to swap talent? Let’s make a date, and then we’ll hug it out at the end.

Interview: Michael Cera, Jonah Hill and Christopher Mintz-Plasse On Their High School Experiences, Inspirations [Daily Cal]
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Tomorrow is the start of Welcome Week, if you haven’t heard yet. And if you haven’t been on the southside of campus in the last couple of days, it’s been a nightmare with all the traffic and all those pesky little freshmen moving into the dorms.

So, to try to cool all of you off before classes start next week, the Daily Cal is going to give all these freshmen (and you) a little history lesson about what happened 40 years ago.

Don’t remember?

Well, pick up the special Summer of Love issue inside tomorrow’s paper and reminisce about what is what like at this little placed called Berkeley back in 1967.

Then you’ll remember that hating your new roommate isn’t so bad or wish that you could take Doc’s De Lorean back to 1967. And then maybe it will get you to decorate your room with all those flowers to the right.

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