Students received an e-mail from UCPD and Jonathan Poullard, dean of students, about recent crime in our community. We’re posting the highlights here to help improve campus safety. Because knowing is half the battle.

The following is very sic:

bq. As you may be aware there were a number of armed robberies on campus and near the residence halls that occurred over the past two weeks. It’s important to realize that as with any college campus, ours is not immune from crime. While the Berkeley campus and surrounding areas are generally as safe as other urban areas, the surge over the past two weeks in incidents of robbery, some involving weapons, was unusual. UC Police Department (UCPD) and the City of Berkeley police are aware of the problem and are taking extra measures in response. These include increased uniformed and plain-clothes patrols, as well as
coordination with other local agencies to analyze the trends.

bq. We want to be sure you have accurate information about these recent incidents. There have been nine robberies between September 1 and September 10 on and around the Berkeley campus. Suspects have been arrested in four of the nine
cases. We understand that these crimes have raised concerns about safety. We share these concerns and have been working to address them.

bq. The robbery that occurred on campus near Haviland Hall on Monday evening, September 10 caused the most reaction from our community. In that case, the victim was stuck by several pellets fired from a bb gun. The victim was also punched and kicked after initially resisting the robbery attempt. UCPD was called and advised that there was a robbery in progress and that shots were fired and that the victim may be injured. UCPD officers arrived very soon after the call, saw the two juvenile suspects and pursued them. One was caught quickly. Although the other suspect eluded officers for nearly 90 minutes; he was located and apprehended and found to be in possession of the
bb gun. During the search for the second suspect, our officers asked people in the area to “shelter in place” in their offices or residences. The arrests on Monday evening led to other cases being closed, and detectives from the City of Berkeley and the UCPD are following up on other leads.

The e-mail notes a few numbers of use:

* For emergencies on or around the campus: 510-642-3333. UCPD will respond.

* BearWALK: 510-642-WALK. You can use the number after dusk and before 1:45am. BearWALK will send a uniformed Community Service Office to escort you anywhere within four or five blocks of campus. Usually, the CSOs are students. Several of the Clogs friends work or have worked at BearWALK in the past. Highly recommended.

* Night Safety Shuttles: 510-642-WALK. Find out when the next shuttle stops near you. You can use the Night Safety Shuttle to travel to BART or to the southside residence halls. The Ride-To-Your-Door lines allow you to ride all the way home within service area boundaries.

* Owl Service: 510-642-6760. Between 3 a.m. and 5:45 a.m., UCPD offers van pick up and drop off service from door to door.


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