The Golden Bears managed to kickoff to start both the first and second half in a 38-23 loss to the Washington Huskies. The Clog was confused with how this outcome was even possible and had to consult The Band is Out On The Field where reader WarrenHarding explained what transpired.

Apparently, Cal won the toss and chose to “kickoff” to start the half instead of “deferring.” If Cal “deferred,” the Golden Bears would have had the choice to “kickoff” or “receive” coming out of halftime.

Instead, we used up our chance to choose by saying “kickoff.” When the captains came out prior to the start of the second half, Washington logically chose to “receive,” thus creating the rare event of one team receiving the opening kickoff of a half twice in one game.

If you’re still confused, it’s perfectly understandable since it’s irrational as to why “kickoff” is an option in the first place. This move has to go up there as second to Kevin Riley’s failed scramble for most boneheaded plays of Cal’s 2007 football season.

Image Source: Nate Tabak, Daily Cal
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Everyone said:
Nov 19, 2007 at 12:01 am

that’s not exactly what happened. Try again.

Hint: Washington won the toss…

But good job on reporting

P.S. I miss CalStuff