While many of us can’t even do it with two hands, Dan Dzoan can sort a Rubik’s cube with one–and in a record 17.9 seconds.

This former world-record holder just graduated this past December–maybe that’s why The Oakland Tribune decided today to spontaneously salute Berkeley as a “Cubing Powerhouse.”

Or maybe they ran the awe-filled article because they just wanted an excuse to post this really awesome video.

Regardless of how newsworthy the Tribune’s praise is, Dzoan and his Cal cubing buddies can twist a Rubik’s cube really, really fast. Dzoan won third place in the world championships in Hungary in October.

If–after watching this video–you feel inspired to improve your personal cubing skills, the Clog recommends joining the Rubik’s cubing club that Dzoan helped found, or taking one of the cubing DE-Cals that he co-facilitated (if they are still offered in the spring).

However, we do not guarantee that you will ever, ever twist as fast as Dzoan does in this video.

Record Breaker: You Too Can Square Off Against The Cube [Daily Cal]
USA─Dan Dzoan─Rubik’s 3x3x3 Cube:One-handed─17.90 Sec. [You Tube]
Berkeley students not puzzled by the cube [The Oakland Tribune]


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