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This Week’s Sign of the Apocalypse: Brothel Plays Host to Soap Opera

Posted By Mustafa Shaikh On Jan 13, 2008 @ 11:52 pm In The Specials | Comments Disabled

ApocalypseAfter discovering the latest omen of the world’s coming demise, the Clog encourages Berkeley students to put down their books and enjoy their short-lived time on earth.

This feature has covered some crazy news from around the world, but this week’s story is truly mind-blowing and even had us stunned.

So off to Poland we go where we find ourselves at a brothel. (OK by merely the mention of the word “brothel” you know this story is going to be good.)

A man took a trip down to a local brothel where his life took a crazy and most unexpected turn [1]. Instead of having a wild night of euphoric sex, his journey abruptly came to an end when he recognized an all too familiar face: …[drum roll please]… his wife.

His wife, who was claiming to make some extra money on the side working at a store, was actually spending her time selling her body for some green gray and red [2].

Yes, yes, we’re thinking the same exact thing—it’s the man’s lucky day. He walked into a brothel thinking he had to cough up last week’s paycheck only to find out that he would be getting a nice house discount.

Unfortunately, husband and wife we’re not on the same page thinking about discounts. Instead, they moved towards getting a divorce.

We’re low on information here, so we’re not exactly sure which party initiated the divorce. Either way, how in the world does a parting of the ways make sense—if anything, this event should have brought them closer. Don’t two wrongs make a right?

You know what would have been really funny. No? OK, we’ll tell you.

Imagine that man was extremely sexually aroused by his wife, but his wife just decided she no longer wanted to have sex with him. After a month or so of no action, the husband, with his built up hormones, storms into the brothel thinking in the back of his head, “I’m going to picture myself having sex with my wife.”

Image Source: Van Gogh’s The Brothel
Man spots his wife during visit to brothel [MSNBC [1]]
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