So now that the Daily Cal opinion columnists all have a few columns out, what’s the verdict on the new O-team?

Dangierre says Billy Main has balls and the female Sex on Tuesday is “hot,” but he calls out the “politics guy and food dude” to crank it up. Beetle, though, picks on Taylor Fife, the de facto politics go-to. Yeah, yeah, so give us the deets on Thursday.

Fine, we’ll do it ourselves.

Robin Schramm–we’ll call him the stories guy–wrote today that he no longer wants to become a dinosaur. Instead he’ll opt for silverback gorilla:

1) You get to have a harem of female gorillas from which you can choose whom to impregnate 2) You get to be hairy and fat and eat bananas all day long, but with one grimace, everyone runs away screaming, and 3) Finally I would have an excuse for lying around naked all day long playing with myself.

Inventive mind, that Schramm, but too bad he’d be hung like a gorilla. Yeah, that’s 1.5 inches erect.

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