Fresh, a.k.a. Michael Schuck, came down from his cedar tree today after two groups of students got into a “formal” argument at an event started by “Students Against Hippies in Trees.” Before he could head into the sunset, however, UCPD cited Fresh for trespassing. He now awaits his court date.

It all seemed so perfectly timed considering Fresh had also just written quite an eye-opening op-ed that appeared in the Daily Cal this morning. It was printed alongside a lovely tree illustration and three other opinions that argued about the effectiveness of his protest. Fresh’s perspective, of course, was the most informative–we actually got to read about his many causes in an organized fashion, rather than hear random bursts of “Democratize the regents!” We imagine all readers chimed in for a collective, “Ooh, so that’s what he’s been protesting all this time!”

Perhaps he should have written the op-ed before–instead of partaking in an irritating, confusing and disorganized tree-sit. Then again, we probably wouldn’t have read it.

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So, taking the new literature and the civilized tree-side discussions into account:

Image Source: Michael Kang, Daily Cal

“I would like to point to the root cause of the problems: the regents.” [Daily Cal]
Protester Outside Wheeler Hall Cited After Leaving Tree [Daily Cal]
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jessica schley said:
Apr 18, 2008 at 12:35 pm

yes, he was effective. Proof Positive: He’s going to have an article in the New Yorker next week!