poster_unseeable.jpgDo you like movies? Do you like movies with subtitles? Do you like scary movies with subtitles? How about scary movies with subtitles, hot Thai chicks, ghosts, dead babies, plot non sequiturs and confused rickshaw drivers?

Then you’ll love ‘”The Unseeable.” “The Unseeable” is a Thai horror flick from critically acclaimed director, Wisit Sasanatieng, which played at the Pacific Film Archive last night as a part of the 26th San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival (a.k.a. SFIAAFF XXVI).

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Not to put a damper on your break or anything, but remember that city-wide crack in the earth that Berkeley was built on top of? Well, cautionary reports about the Hayward Fault getting set to throw a seismic shit-fit just about any year now have galvanized our usually ponderous bureaucracies to get their acts together and provide us with some emergency plans in case we were to, you know, fall into that crack and die. read more »

bikerHere’s something different altogether: a pro-war protest in Berkeley.

Hundreds of leather-clad bikers came tearing into downtown earlier today, waving POW flags and blaring country music from portable stereos. That’s hundreds of protesters, in comparison to the comparative handful – about 80 – that showed up for the anti-war protest this past Wednesday. Many are military veterans. Most are from the areas surrounding Berkeley, like San Francisco and Santa Clara.

We’re not sure what to make of this, since the Clog as a collective entity has already shipped off to the Bahamas, from whence we type ensconced in deck chairs while being attended to by slave boys with fans fashioned cunningly out of palm fronds and Heineken bottlecaps. We’re sorry to miss the undoubtedly rousing rendition of “Have You Forgotten,” to be sure.

Image Source: Harper Rain under Creative Commons
Motorcycle-riding supporters of Marines roar into Berkeley [SF Gate] Pro-War Bikers Swarm Berkeley [Website]

Admit it. You’re going to miss Berkeley just a little bit this spring break. If you find yourself dreaming of dollar curry or collective pizza indigenous only to B-town, take a break from sleeping in and vote in the Best of Berkeley.

Tell the Daily Cal you love the Clog, tell the paper what else you love in your neighborhood. It’s up to you to defend all things gastronomically sacred in Berkeley–the best Indian in town (hint: it’s not Naan-N-Curry), the spiciest burrito that won’t empty your wallet, the richest cup of joe (certainly not from The Den). You’ve got to participate to make sure the results don’t suck, i.e. all the besties are within a flipflop shuffle from the Units.

You can also remind yourself to vote (and tell all your friends too) if you join the Facebook event. Voting ends Monday, Apr. 7, and then the Daily Cal will release a special issue highlighting the student body’s faves.

Best of Berkeley [Daily Cal]
Best of Berkeley 2008! [Facebook]


Last Wednesday at 4:20 p.m. (apparently, irony was intentional) The Bayliens “landed,” and turned Dwinelle Hall’s largest auditorium into a makeshift hip-hop concert venue. The beat bumped as a crowd of students trying to knock out their American Cultures breadth requirement shimmied awkwardly in their places at the behest of rather foxy Social/Cultural Anthropology professor, Laura Hubbard. Other students remained seated, unconvincingly pretending that they were simply too “indie” to admit that it was hella better (and fresher, for that matter) than any normal lecture. read more »

Today, a flash mob froze on Upper Sproul Plaza as the Campanile struck 1 p.m. The freeze is reminiscent of the impressive mob at Grand Central Station a couple months back in New York.

Check out the clip above, which is far more interesting than the pictures posted on the Facebook group (um, you do realize that you’re already “frozen” in a photo, right?). While we at the Clog encourage flash mob participation and creativity, we’ve got to say that standing still for a few minutes–even if you’ve struck, like, the coolest pose ever–is still slightly less boring than just walking through Sproul. C’mon, where are our ninja battles?

First Person View of Sproul Freeze [YouTube]
Sproul Freeze Interest Check [Facebook]

symmetry.jpgThank God, Allah and Tom Cruise – it’s Thursday, folks! Now that midterms have finished kicking in our teeth, the Clog would like to take a moment to briefly acknowledge the opening of a new library on campus. In other words, we took an exciting trip to the C.V. Starr East Asian Library so that you don’t have to.

The $46 million library is the only one in the country built explicitly for housing East Asian collections and artifacts. And the weird fracture pattern you see on the Memorial Glade-facing side of the building? read more »

While ASUC candidates gear up to stuff as many flyers in your hands as possible next month, it might behoove you to discover what sort of defenses Facebook can offer you. Yes, Facebook. You’ll see what we mean.

We’re an equal opportunity offender (emphasis on “offender”), so let’s start off with a group against both the major parties of ASUC.

* I heard that SA and CS hold satanic orgies fully catered by Rachael Ray: We hear each orgy is prepared and savored in just 30 minutes. Plus, the EVOO doubles as a free-for-all lubrication.

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asucathonThere’s a myth floating around: To get the most out of ASUC Senate elections, you need to vote for “the right people.” The Clog disagrees. To get the most out of elections, we recommend attending as many campaign kick-off events as possible. There, potential student politicians live up to the promise of free food. You better savor it, too, ’cause you know they probably won’t live up to their real promises!

Join presidential hopeful Curtis Lee for cheesy sticks Wednesday at 6 p.m. in 126 Barrows, or find out who Yishi Zuo is at his Wednesday 10-11 p.m. campaign kick-off. Zuo will have “plenty of food and drinks as well as sign in sheets in case you would like to help with my campaign.” Sure thing, Yishi. But if cheesy sticks and sign-in sheets don’t whet your appetite, don’t fret. Just do a Facebook search and pick from a diverse set of offerings.

In addition to campaign kick-off parties, however, there’s YouTube. From video blogs to campaign trailers, ASUC hopefuls utilize every college kid’s favorite procrastination tool to get their name out there. read more »

The Cal Patriot blog has a long list of ASUC candidates, so now it’s time (before you get too nauseated by all this hoopla) to delve a little further. These candidates have big shoes to fill, and from what we can remember, a tradition of chutzpah to uphold. Let’s see who has the most impressive baller status.

From CalSERVE, Roxanne Winston

By the numbers:
* 481 photos of herself
* 1,236 total friends
* 36 (or thereabouts) personally used exclamation marks

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