diversity.jpg Cal Day is on Saturday. And so commences a weekend influx of curious admits hoping to see what they’re getting into before they actually send in their Statement of Intent to Register. So, what’s the schedule? We have no idea. The Clog expects the usual–dorm tours, library tours, BBQs, club tabling and the like. Along with that, though, are huge events dedicated to Cal’s everlasting commitment to cultural diversity.

Event No. 1: From All Perspectives Showcase
You’ve seen it plastered on Student Action flyers everywhere–the touting of the “From All Perspectives” showcase as an amazing, awesome accomplishment. It’s a show where various student groups–from Movement Hip-Hop to the Armenian Students Association–perform in Zellerbach Hall to create a show brimming with culturally diverse Cal spirit. On top of that, it’s hosted by none other than your comedic geniuses at Jerricho Improv. The show is tonight at 6:30 p.m. and costs $5. Ticket sales pretty much go to all the participating organizations. If successful, Student Action reserves the right to place it on their campaign flyers for the next 10 years. Oh yeah, and the student group with the biggest posse gets a prize, so represent!

Event No. 2: bridges’ Senior Weekend

Alternatively, if you’re not parading diversity on-stage tonight, you’re probably encouraging it in another way–by hosting seniors from low-income high schools until Sunday for bridges’ Senior Weekend. It’s the “annual event where over 400 recently admitted High School seniors come to UC Berkeley and get a taste of what it would be like to come to this prestigious university. The students learn about the different aspects of life at UC Berkeley, from the educational, financial, and social sides.” They’ll also probably bond, make friends, get attached and learn the cultural and political reasons why they should go to Cal–to boost ethnic numbers in the long wake of Proposition 209 (and, eventually, join the movement).

We hope you all enjoy Cal Day. That includes you, prospective students who read the Clog religiously because you simply can’t wait to come to Berkeley. We know you’re out there.

Image Source: chrisjfry under Creative Commons
From All Perspectives [Facebook]
Bridges Multicultural Resource Center [Website]

Sign Twirlers said:
Apr 24, 2008 at 1:31 pm

Wow, I’m very confused. I was doing a search for Human Directionals and this article came up. Then I saw the pic of colorful chics … after reading the article I’m still confused but mildly entertained.