Now would be a good time for a NOM NOM NOM joke.

Not nearly as cuddly as you’d think.

Well, damn.  You’d think that those pristine examples of luxury we know as Berkeley’s residential apartment units were actually good for cleanliness and decent standards of living.  But according to a Daily Cal article released earlier today, creepy-crawlies have been bedding down in units near Clark Kerr since as early as March, pun intended. 

Campus management stresses that the units are exceptions to the rule: only a handful of apartments have reported any problems, out of a total of 74.  No, they have no idea where the infestations came from.  No, they don’t know what you can do about it.  Oh, wait — yes, yes, they do.  How’s this for good advice: say no to free piles, Mars, and that bum offering to trade you his coat for a joint on the corner of Telegraph and Channing.  Do this, and you too can avoid having your infested mattress treated with manure pesticides!  For real. 

Image Source: bahkubean under Creative Commons
Bedbugs Call Student Housing Units Home [Daily Cal]


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