Sometimes sacks of money do fall from the sky. Officials from California’s community college adminstration announced the largest philanthropic gift they have ever received in the history of the system’s existence yesterday, and also valiantly restrained from falling all over themselves to kiss Bernard Osher’s feet. Hell. For fifty million dollars, we’d do the same.

Our fair governor was at the news conference too, where he identified a community college education as a very important stepping stone to the land of fame, riches and biceps that no normal person could get two hands around. When asked about the secret to his success, he said that the solution’s obvious: “Come to America. Go to community college. And marry a Kennedy. It’s all very simple.” Well, now. How come we never thought to do that before?

Of course, the gift comes at a time when the community college system is facing a $483 million budget cut from our state-wide monetary crisis. Kind of like repairing a spouting stump with a bandaid. Yowch.

Image Source: David Muir under Creative Commons
California Community Colleges get big gift for scholarships [SF Chron]

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KPV said:
May 8, 2008 at 9:02 pm

your “yowch” comment is on target. even a SUPER generous gift like $50M (not to mentioned the extra $20M he’s giving to CSU/UCs to provide scholarships for transfer students) is a drop in the bucket when you consdier the number of students in CA’s community colleges and how great the need is (1/3 of CCC students qualify for the ). it just goes to show we shouldn’t hang our all hopes on PRIVATE funds when it comes to PUBLIC education… do you hear that Ah-nold? please clean the muscles out of yo ears and listen to what’s what.