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CalSO Groups Time Warp Through Sproul Plaza

Posted By Evante Garza-Licudine On Jun 10, 2008 @ 3:45 pm In Sandbox | Comments Disabled

On Monday and Tuesday, the Clog noticed a few CalSO (Cal Student Orientation) groups parading through Sproul Plaza and couldn’t help but remember our own CalSO experience: ID cards that make a driver’s license photo look like graduation pictures, informational papers out the wazzoo and yes–doing the Time Warp.

We were drinking those moments when we realized we’ve never had to use the Time Warp. Ever. Nor can we recognize any pragmatic consequences of having learned the Time Warp–unless you spend your Saturday nights in Oakland [1], where Rocky Horror aficionados can regularly participate in the Time Warp with other fans.

In any case, tradition will continue more-or-less unimpeded by the hordes of wide-eyed high school graduates who, let’s face it, are way too old for this bizarre initiation BS … unless they plan on joining the Greek system [2], graduating college [3], or entering the workforce [4].

Come to think of it, almost every self-important cliched event in a person’s life is marked by benign, ritualistic maneuvers. But therein lies the real value of the Time Warp: it’s another way of saying that yes, you’ll have to go through this crap more than once. After all, what is CalSO other than a preparation for what’s to come?

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