There may be shady folks trying to take advantage of the goodness of Berkeley citizens’ hearts, but not all people who ask for donations are out to trick people out of their money. Many people are legitimately trying to fund the betterment of the world, and you can be one of them (without joining the Greek system)! Here are a few good causes you can be a part of this summer:

On Sunday, July 20, a huge, campus-wide team of UC Berkeley students, faculty and staff will walk it out for a good cause–the San Francisco’s AIDS Walk. Join the Cal team (listed under University of California, Berkeley – 0087), or start your own in order to raise money for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and other Bay Area HIV/AIDS organizations.

Prefer to get your hands dirtier? Save the Bay will host several Wetland Restoration Project events in the next two months, including one tomorrow.

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Oh, when will it all be over! The Clog doesn’t care so much about that tree crap as much as people whose livelihood is partially dependent on keeping track of anything having to do with Cal football (which includes the damn stadium that’s on the damn earthquake fault).

Thus, we suggest you go to the commendably thorough California Golden Blogs for in-depth coverage of flinging excrement, grown adults acting like they’re in Never Never Land and high-res photos of Dumpster Muffin’s piss bottles.

In the mean time, we’ll give you a few “updates” on the saga that’s taking forever and ever to wrap–the Daily Cal reports that a stadium go-ahead is likely if they change their blueprints, although actual construction will definitely depend on whether the tree-sitters continue to build forts up there.

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Cody’s Books has called it quits for real this time, shutting down its remaining store on Shattuck Avenue. Citing lagging sales, Cody’s closed its doors on Friday, June 20. A while back, the flagship store on Telegraph Avenue was closed down; more recently, the store on Fourth Street jumped to Shattuck after a large rent increase. The branches in San Francisco have also been closed.

The Chron had more information on the details of the closing:

Andy Ross, who owned the store from 1977 until mid-2006, when he sold it to (Hiroshi) Kagawa, said about last week’s closing, “it’s no mystery – what’s happened to Cody’s is what has happened to independent stores for many years. People are going somewhere else (for books.) A lot of people like the allure of the Internet or chain stores. And a lot of people don’t read.”

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Earlier, the Clog asked where we could find inane Berkeley drama if the tree-sitters leave, but perhaps we spoke too soon. On Saturday, a group of over 200 bikers descended on Shattuck Avenue to peacefully demonstrate their support for the troops.

Few aren’t familiar with the demonstrations surrounding the Marine recruiting center, but now the Clog wonders if the bikers were staging a counter-protest. read more »

The Daily Clog is now in possession of one of those super-trendy Facebook fan pages, and so is our father–The Daily Californian! So log onto your Facebook page and become a fan of your favorite independent student newspaper (and its awesome blog).

We’ll be posting discussions, photos, videos and other extra content there, so we better see a lot of, “(Avid Clog Reader) has become a fan of The Daily Clog,” announcements cluttering up our news feed.

Well, not really. So the Contra Costa Times reports that Morrison library will revive the Graphic Arts Loan Collection circulation program for the fall semester, a classy name for a collection that will let students check out signed copies of original works of art for all the glory of being used as dorm posters.

Sounds crazy, huh? Crazy awesome, maybe. Forget that life-sized poster of Samuel L. Jackson you see every time you wake up–now you can say good morning to the impossibilities of Escher, or the landscapes of Rembrandt or the … doodles of Miro. read more »

San Francisco LGBT Pride Celebration will explode next weekend with fanfare, parades, performances and plenty to celebrate. On Saturday, the Civic Center will host celebrations from 12 p.m. until 6 p.m. Sunday is the big draw with a parade down Market Street, starting at 10:30 a.m. The fun then continues until 7 p.m.

The official Website has more information on events, from HomoHipHop to Leather Alley to Tantra Stage (unfortunately, not what you think it is). Even if you’re not queer, Pride is the city’s event of the year, and it’s not something to be missed.

SF Pride 2008 [Website]
San Francisco Pride Parade 2007 [YouTube]
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Need groceries? Need mountains of fruit, glistening piles of veggies, arrays of produce you’ve never even seen before? OK, so maybe you don’t need that much, but Berkeley Bowl Marketplace will have that exact type of ruby grapefruit you’re looking for.

Some swear by Trader Joe’s, but if you’re in the market for fresh fruits and veggies, TJ’s ain’t got nothin’ on the Bowl. Always swamped, always hustling with other food lovers, a visit to Berkeley Bowl could be your newest Sunday ritual.

Besides the produce (which probably takes up as much space as a regular TJ’s), the market also has a selection of freshly baked Semifreddi’s bread and cheap wine at the checkout. No two-buck Chuck, but we managed to pick up a four-dollar Romanian beauty.

Location: 2020 Oregon Street, accessible by F bus
Price: Best deal on produce.
Notes: Definitely do not go hungry!

Image Source: Pete Boyd under Creative Commons
Berkeley Bowl Marketplace [Website]
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Whenever you find yourself thinking that being a student at UC Berkeley is mediocre, like any other campus, or no big deal-why don’t you stop and think about the people who almost, but not quite, went here. People like Kevin Hart, the high school offensive lineman who cried Cal recruitment and later faced total embarrassment when Jeff Tedford revealed that he had no idea who Hart was. Or maybe you can think about Azia Kim–a girl who friends thought would attend “a community college and then (transfer) to UC-Berkeley.” Rather than live a legitimate life, however, she decided to fake enrollment at Stanford University.

Most recently, there is Omar Khan of Tesoro High School. He hacked into his school’s computer system, changed his F’s to A’s, and was only caught “when he requested a copy of his official transcript while applying to the University of California, Berkeley.” Busted! At age 18, he now faces up to 38 years in prison.

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In news unrelated to the tree-sitter drama (or possibly related), marijuana is as potent as ever. A study released from the University of Mississippi stated that THC levels are almost double what they were in 1983 and have soared to a 30-year high. Oh! You see what we did there?

Uncle Sam issued a press release denouncing the drug that has surely claimed countless lives. The government says, “Listen up, you ol’ hippies.” OK, not in so many words: “Baby boomer parents who still think marijuana is a harmless substance need to look at the facts.”

The fact is the commenters over at Paper Trail are screaming for legalization. Don’t believe the hype! Alcohol bad, marijuana good. End prohibition now, and other such slogans the tree-people could have easily taken up with success in the past year and a half. Zing!

Image Source: Ian Umeda, Daily Cal
Study Says Marijuana Is Now More Potent [Paper Trail]

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