As the international food crisis continues, G8 national leaders still eat way better than the rest of us, and Berkeley’s food culture is all over the news. The following is what’s going on in the downtown dining scene. Some of it isn’t so delicious.

The Old

The McDonald’s on Shattuck Avenue is under fire after a new owner suddenly dismissed a few disabled workers–one who had worked at the restaurant for 21 years. Around 40 protesters appeared at the facility this afternoon for a collective outcry against what many perceive as an unfair business practice. Doesn’t dismissing a veteran disabled worker right after a switch in ownership sound a tad shady?

The New

Rejoice for healthy choices at quick speeds! The newest eatery to join the downtown map is Amanda’s Feel Good Fresh Food, which is fully aware of Berkeley residents’ unbearably busy lives and “offer(s) the answer to this problem by offering fast, affordable food that is, above all, delicious.” Eating right doesn’t just mean veggies all around, either–Amanda’s offers grilled burgers, in addition to a substantial menu of healthy greenery.

The Revamped

Freight & Salvage Coffeehouse needs $2 million before it can open in 2009. When open, it plans to carve itself into the already-established arts niche downtown with its 440-person seating area and folk charm. But our question is, will the coffee be good?

Image Source: LauraElaine under Creative Commons
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assburgers syndrome said:
Jul 30, 2008 at 12:09 pm

amanda’s is clearly a copy of smart alec’s. nice try.