Hey, you. Yes, we’re talking to you. And so is Hollywood. As students, we are a target demographic. As such, we have the responsibility to pay attention to what’s hot.

And right now, there’s nothing hotter than superhero movies. “The Dark Knight” replaced the “Spiderman 3″ weekend record this summer, so what? Old news. Right now, we’re raving about the hot release of the “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” trailer. He flies, he faces bad guys, and he talks to snakes–and we just made the executive decision to qualify Harry as a superhero. “Watchmen” is supposed to be a big deal as well … we’d give you more info on that, but right now, we’re too busy searching for illegally released trailers of “X-Men Origins: Wolverine“. At any rate, we’re not Arts. We’ll let them cover the gory details for you when the time is right.

Instead, we at the Clog have the responsibility of covering “student life.” What do petty, flashy blockbusters have to do with you as a student? The dollar count at the box office tells us this: unless you keep up with the soon-to-be movie hits in the coming months, you might as well show up to class in the morning with “shun me” stamped to your forehead.

Image Source: Robert Garcia-S under Creative Commons


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