The injunction against construction at the oak grove is extended as the Panoramic Hill Association and the California Oak Foundation form their cases for an appeal. They need to prove fault in Judge Barbara J. Miller’s ruling and reason for another injunction. [Daily Cal]

But the city of Berkeley is the third party in the case against the university, and we’re not so sure where they stand. To appeal or not to appeal; that is the question. [Daily Cal]

Another source, though, says with conviction that Berkeley will not appeal. Perhaps the initial court fees are already enough, or perhaps it’s just time to suck it up and lick some wounds. [SF Chron]

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A group of Cal researchers known as TIER (Technology and Infrastructure for Emerging Regions) managed to do the highly unprofitable—establish over 200 miles of Wi-Fi link in Venezuela. But they did it to break a world record, not to bring internet connectivity to the nation’s netless. Really, though, who cares about motive? We’re sure the Venezuelans don’t.

We applaud TIER’s efforts to get into the record books, especially since some believe world-wide internet access is somewhat essential for humanity’s continued existence. Now all that’s left is to make a bad joke about how some of us are still waiting for ultracheap Wi-Fi.

Image Source: xiaming under Creative Commons
Helping Wi-Fi Reach World’s Poor [Daily Cal]

We thought about writing a post more along the lines of “How To: Drop in on Comic-Con Before It’s Too Late” quite a few weeks ago, when we unwittingly took a short trip down the hall to the Daily Cal office watering hole, sat down at the computer, and then realized that for the first time in history known to man, the Comic-Con registration clock struck “too late.” Tickets are sold out.

A change in our headline was definitely necessary. Nevertheless, after finding ourselves sitting on our hands and watching a giant fly buzz about our heads, we decided to compile this list for our fellow bored summer session goers with nothing to do in the next 72 hours. read more »

Want to gawk at the locals? Like public whippings, bondage, ripped men in leather chaps? So do a lot of other people. This Sunday, the city of San Francisco plays host to Up Your Alley Fair, a.k.a Dore Alley. Leather enthusiasts, daddies, BDSMers, exhibitionists and voyeurs like yourself will prowl booths and blush a smidgen or two.

Located on Dore Alley between Folsom and Howard streets, the fair will last from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. The day is guaranteed to be kinky, and the whole weekend has leather/male-only events raging. The best part (besides the intoxicating smell of leather)? It’s free.

Image Source: frankfarm under Creative Commons
Up Your Alley [FOLSOM STREET FAIR 2008]
via SFist
Earlier: Berkeley Kite Festival This Weekend

Tuesday was a day for debate over what to do with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s first ever particle accelerator, the Bevatron. The Bevatron was last used in the early ’90s, and has since been replaced with bigger, faster and more explosively priced accelerators—that means it hasn’t done anything but collect dust and deadly omegatron radiation (just kidding—dust isn’t attracted to particle accelerators).

What to do with Old Bev, now that it’s giving off a faint radioactive glow? Well, the biggest concern is that in order to remove it from the laboratory, a good 4,700 one-way trips would be needed to move it—and that leaves quite a bit of room for mistakes.

But on the other hand, at least the Bevatron isn’t causing unfounded apocalyptic fears. Yay science!

Image Source: Telstar Logistics under Creative Commons
Plan to Dismantle Bevatron Stirs Debate [Daily Cal]

Leave him alone! The latest report on the missing Rice University student states that he may be in Berkeley, but probably doesn’t want to be found. Well, that’s obvious, considering he had a book in his car about changing identities. There was another search today, but we’re not yet sure if it came up fruitful. [Mercury News]

A man who was suspected of injuring four people in a South Berkeley shooting surrendered. That’s one guy with a gun off the streets–out of how many? [Mercury News]

Hipsters are out of hand, and one Time Out New York writer has had enough of their pseudo-rebellious trends. We have, too–neon pink granny glasses and culturally appropriated accessories are so overplayed–but we’ll still wear them, because we’re ironic like that. [Time Out]

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It’s no secret that the science, math and engineering departments on campus could use a little more estrogen. Males historically dominate any field that involves numbers–but university researchers (including one from UC Berkeley) argue that the ladies, too, now own at math. In fact, females have caught up quite a bit with their math-savvy male counterparts, according to new data derived from standardized test scores.

There are still gender performance differences everywhere, of course–from algebra classes to presidential primaries. But we see a bright future for gender equality in the math and sciences. If this study and its all-female collaborators are any indication, we could be kicking the “girls suck at math” stereotype in no time.

Image Source: ntr23 under Creative Commons
Girls no longer left behind in math, study shows [SF Chronicle]

With all the senseless crime, wacky characters, mysterious disappearances and general craziness that plagues Berkeley, we could almost compare ourselves to the festering, tragedy-ridden comic book land that is Gotham City. Almost. All we need is an angsty bat hero–and now we might even have one. Kind of.

The San Jose Mercury News warns us to stay away from wild animals after a rabid bat was found in North Berkeley last week. Why the Merc loves to report about our humble little city in such great detail is a mystery, but residents, consider yourself cautioned. This bat doesn’t go around saving people–and neither do its staggering skunk and raccoon friends. We’d stay away from the squirrels, too, no matter how cute they look. Apparently, Alameda County is a designated “rabid area,” so this is fairly normal.

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We at the Clog would like to take this time to congratulate the Stanford College pre-med Cardinals for finding such a fantastic loophole in all the back-breaking requirements for medical school.

Apparently, Stanford kids are filling the seats of a certain physics summer class over at Santa Clara University. Hey, these folks have this system figured out–word on the street is that this class offers a full year of physics in three breezy months, an “approachable” high school teacher and a bright and shiny “A” at the end of the course. read more »

If you’re still waiting for your Tele-BEARS Phase II to roll around (or are still freaking out about signing up for only eight units), you will cry for joy when you use Aman’s Interface to Berkeley’s Online Schedule. It’s easy to use, will map out your schedule and will save all those course control numbers you always lose.

1. Make Sure You Search for the Appropriate Semester Classes

Sometimes the interface is stuck on spring when you need fall. Click on “online schedule of classes,” then “fall 2008.”

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