Normally we wouldn’t have two Mailbags in two consecutive weeks, but we couldn’t resist this time around. We just love you guys that much!

First off, I think we need to make something clear: ”Scotland the Brave” is one of the best songs ever written for bagpipes … but then again we’re not familiar with too many bagpipey songs. Except for that Lord of the Dance song “The Warriors.” That has bagpipes, right? Right?

We might not know much about bagpipes, but we certainly know our politics. Oh, who are we kidding, our bluff was called—as it turns out, we don’t really know anything about politics and just liked making fun of Sarah Palin. Next time we’re shown up, can we use a life line? We’d like to phone a friend.

Our favorite comment this week came from Jeez:

I want to buy a meat-eating plant for my vegitarian friend.

Well said, Jeez. In fact, this brings up a lot of important philosophical questions. How, after all, do vegetarians deal with meat-eating plants? Are venus fly traps as evil as us regular meat-loving humans? It’s questions like these that keep us up at night. While we munch on our filet mignon.

Image Source: cindy47452 under Creative Commons
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