Fun fact: During a home football game, one of the safest places to be in Memorial Stadium while an earthquake shakes the game up is the student section, while one of the least safe is the alumni section. But all that might change if a team of San Francisco engineers is correct about their plastic plan to retrofit the stadium.

In short, the plan calls for Memorial Stadium to be partitioned into blocks that will rest on plastic sheets, hopefully preserving the structural integrity (for the most part) of the stadium after the quake—even if that means the people on the blocks might be seated a little differently, according to the project’s lead engineer.

What’s the price tag? Around $160 million, give or take a few million. But it’s worth it to protect what is “widely considered the most beautiful college football venue in the country,” yeah?

Image Source: Hitchster under Creative Commons
Retrofit plan to ride out quake at Cal stadium [Chron]


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