Gay or Straight, Say No to 8! You like it? We just came up with that right now. Proposition 8 is titled “Eliminates Right of Same-Sex Couples to Marry Act.” Wow. It’s like the writer of this act didn’t believe in the cause him/herself. To soften the blow, the proposition is sometimes known affectionately as “The Californian Marriage Protection Act.” Is there something we missed? Whose marriage does this act protect?

Google just blogged about their stance against Prop. 8. Google argues:

” … we should not eliminate anyone’s fundamental rights, whatever their sexuality, to marry the person they love.”

Touching. It almost doesn’t seem right for a company to take a stance on such a personal issue, but apparently this particular proposition hit a little too close to home. Just how close? We’re dying to know. In the meantime, we think Google should decorate their logo on their start page with rainbows and queer wedding cake toppers.

Image Source: whorange under Creative Commons
Our position on California’s No on 8 campaign [Google blog]

Sunday Shout-Out picks out the week’s stories that simply slipped our minds.

* Sarah Silverman tells Jewish grandkids to schlep to their bubbie’s Florida home in the name of Barack Obama while the Cal Patriot blog tells the media to lay off Sarah Palin.

* The Daily Cal asks real, honest-to-goodness students which presidential candidate would handle the economy better. (What, no LaRouche cult kids?)

* Berkeley NOW has the hots for Tina Fey and Amy Poehler in the newest “SNL” Palin sketch.

* And, last but certainly not least, even our readers get into the mix.

Earlier: Buh-Bye Trees, Hello Palin Jokes

The 2008 Berkeley Video and Film Festival kicked off last night at Shattuck Cinemas, but worry not—the festival goes all weekend.

The Clog is particularly interested in “Stop the Presses,” an 80 minute documentary (playing at 7:40 p.m. tonight) about the financial crisis print journalism is facing and the lack of an industry-wide solution. read more »

We were all bright-eyed youngsters just a year or two or even three ago. Overloaded with AP courses, necking tentatively under the bleachers, assaulted by the first tender flush of young adulthood while agonizing over the wheres, whens, and hows of the next four years…. It’s too bad that Radar Magazine’s feature on the worst colleges ever in America wasn’t there to hold our solemn hands and lead us to the promised land. Or steer us clear of Berkeley. Oh snap!

Just kidding, dudes. We love Cal and so can you, if only because Lothlorien’s legendary food orgy par-tay ranked up there with that one school’s annual spit-swapping bonanza and UC Santa Cruz’s furious attempts at ingesting enough weed to envelop a small hillside in pot fumes.

Radar’s thundering denunciation of the worst college in America follows under the jump. read more »

Berkeley’s Thai Temple: the only place, besides Vegas, where you can you find large masses of people eating buffet-style and changing their money into chips in the same place. For those of you who frequent the Asian Ghetto (or is it the Durant Food Court?), Thai House, or Tuk Tuk Thai to get your fix of the flavors of Thailand, consider your life incomplete. Thai brunch is perhaps one of the oddest, most aggressive, and certainly one of the most memorable dining experiences you will ever have.

Tucked within the residential district of South Berkeley between MLK Jr. Way and Otis St., Wat Mongkolratanaram’s Sunday brunch is the equivalent of a cheap Asian restaurant transplanted into the cement backyard of a temple, which also offers Thai language and dance lessons to interested diners. The food is served cafeteria-style (we enviously wonder if their cafeterias in Thailand are really like this) and visitors exchange tokens to receive almost any Thai dish imaginable.

Anyway, we’ve told you about this place before. What can we say? We love our Thai food. read more »

Very, if these guys have anything to say about it.  Sunday marks the 13th Annual “How Berkeley Can You Be?” parade, which in past years has featured naked people, frothing Communists, impassioned anti-circumcision campaigners, marijuana booths, and sweetly gap-toothed children punching inflatable George Bush dolls in the face. You sold? We so are. read more »

Not that kind of wood! (Perv.) We mean, of course, an mtvU Woodie Award! Winning a Woodie award apparently has catapulted some of the world’s best known “little-known,” “indie and emerging” artists to even greater fame, thus rendering them useless to the hipsters of the world, and making them tons of money.

Berkeley’s own KALX has earned a spot alongside 19 other college radio stations to compete for the Radio Woodie (Best Campus Radio Station). Other nominees include our arch nemeses from across the bay (you know who we mean), Brown University, reppin’ the Ivies, and our fellow UC-ers from Santa Cruz.

The award will go to “the station out there breaking the latest, emerging music, acting as pioneers in the industry.” In other words, the station that, you know, gets the most votes wins. Voting ends Nov. 7, so make sure you swing by and make sure Stanford doesn’t beat us. Theoretically, it should be impossible since we have, like, way more students, right? Right, guys? Hello?

mtvU 2008 Woodie Awards [Web Site]

We happily welcome another law that shows our society’s need for common sense. The new measure to forbid drivers from this cell phone use will come into play Jan. 1, 2009. It will be $20 for a first offense and $50 each time after that — chump change, we’re sure, compared to your text messaging bill. read more »

This Sunday will be the UC Botanical Garden’s 2008 Fall Plant Sale, and we know what you’re thinking. You probably won’t be able to buy Odora, the odorific corpse flower, but you can buy something even better: meat-eating plants.

Oh sure, you can get bulbs, ferns, succulents and all manner of other boring non carnivorous flora, but that’s not as fun as something that can—theoretically—eat you and be eaten by you.

So if you’re tired of your roommate keeping the window open while you study, only to see a huge insect thing fly or crawl or skitter across your textbook every few minutes, consider becoming a member—you’ll get first pick at any type of oversized, singing man-eater plant.

Image Source: blmurch under Creative Commons
UC Botanical Garden [Site]
Feed Me (Git It) [YouTube]

Wow, there’s a great tennis match going on over at The Berkeley Daily Planet … and we don’t mean that literally. The back and forth between reporter Judith Scherr and editor-owner Becky O’Malley is really quite astounding. No love in this match.

Scherr recently resigned, citing ethics and integrity in an e-mail to friends. And what is journalism without ethics, right? (Uhh, Daily Planet?)

Specifically, Scherr left because of … read more »

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