text while driving! Alright, we’ll knock it off with the Santa jokes as soon as it’s no longer December, or as soon as we’re not too lazy to think of something better. But, seriously, come Jan. 1, texting behind the wheel will be a bigger faux pas than bustin’ out a Nativity pun at a Jewish funeral in April. Yeah. We said it.

So all of you nitpicking Berkeley nerds (like us) who think you’re so clever for getting out of buying a Blue Tooth headset or some other equally aesthetically displeasing contraption by texting instead of talking in the driver’s seat should probably make a New Year’s resolution to stop. And, sorry, but it’s probably not much safer to try and pick up patchy Wi-Fi so you can Facebook chat on your laptop while steering with your forehead. Nice try, though.

The Chronicle’s article includes a pretty good rundown of other laws going into effect with the year 2009, like, for example, a crackdown on sweepstake pitches and a bill prohibiting administrators from retaliating against high school and college journalism instructors for not censoring student newspapers. You know, assuming school newspapers still exist and stuff.

Image Source: incendiarymind under Creative Commons
Calif. is 6th state to ban texting by drivers [Chron]


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