But it’s probably not what you think. A study published by Berkeley researchers found out exactly how much temperatures have been changing outside of the tropics: 1.7 degrees during summers and 3.2 degrees during winters, all over a half-century interval.

Not only that, but the hottest day shifted earlier in the year by two days. So basically, global warming will hit two days before the day after tomorrow Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas :

“The glaciers are melting faster than predicted,” Fung said Wednesday. “The capacity of the land and ocean to absorb carbon dioxide is decreasing with warming. And now here is more evidence that climate change is happening in more dimensions than we have predicted.”

What does the Clog take out of all this? That the next few years will be hot hot hot, with a 100 percent chance of passion.

Image Source: the mad LOLscientist under Creative Commons
Winters warmer, spring earlier, UC study finds [Chron]


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