Grin and BEAR it.
This time it’s not about the controversial Panda said to be migrating into Lower Sproul sometime in the imminent future, although it does have to do with  sacrificing Berkeley’s small business bent for more commercial, money-generating chains.

This time, the bear in question is the Bear’s Lair, currently home to a host of small businesses like Healthy Heavenly Foods, Taqueria El Tacontento and The Coffee Spot, which operate on month-to-month agreements with the ASUC Store Operations Board and have been there for over two decades.

The board, which manages the food court, decided in December that they’re now going to open up the Lair for bidding by other restaurants with the goals of  ”meeting green business requirements, renovating the food court and employing students. ” Sounds like the same argument used to introduce a certain other foreign species to Lower Sproul.

We’re not buying that the Lair is going green and “thinking of the children” during this time of economic recession. And judging by the line-up of potential replacements: Tully’s Coffee, Brazil Cafe and Subway, we get the feeling that these successful Shattuck Avenue venues are being displaced to Lower Sproul. We smell money.

Image Source: squacco under Creative Commons
Bear’s Lair Businesses To Compete For Spaces [Daily Cal The Phantom of the Opera trailer ]


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