So a senator and a Judicial Council member walk into the ASUC Senate Chambers. Sound like the beginning of a bad joke? Well, it is.

Within the last few days, about a bajillion (not to be confused with Brazillion, which is how many taste units Brazil Cafe can get up to) things happened with Recall Mania 2009, as we’re officially* calling it.

Here’s a rough timeline for those playing catch-up more-or-less since our last post:

Several days ago: After the ASUC Judicial Council ruled the recall election will be delayed, three students involved in the Eshleman Truffle Shuffle, as we’re officially* calling it, file charges with the Judicial Council. As it turns out, recall elections must happen within two regularly-scheduled meetings after accepting a recall petition. The election dates were set for Jan. 26 and 27. Naturally, the plaintiffs reasoned that in order to adhere to that whole two-meeting requirement, ASUC business would have to be put on hold. Which business? ALL OF IT.

A few days ago: The Judicial Council rules business can proceed. Student groups not involved with Recall Mania breathe a sigh of relief. Others were hoping a delay in business would provide added incentive to hold the election. As in, instead of indefinitely putting it on hold.

A couple days ago: The ASUC Senate tentatively sets the recall election dates for Feb. 23 and 24. Plenty of time for more drama. Could this be Tree-Sit Craze Part Deux? Signs point to yes!

*not officially

Image Source: Private Custard under Creative Commons, modified by Evante Garza-Licudine
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