Due to budget imbalances and the general suckiness thereof, Berkeley’s powers-that-be propose the increase of garbage collection fees. Apparently, the drop in Asian demand for recycled paper contributes to the increasing value of dump collection. Say what?

Meanwhile, we have more trash and less money. Now, more fees? No, thanks. Our proposals:

*Dump our trash on the Stanfurd farm; let them deal with the mess.
*Save scraps of receipts and toilet paper to be used for taking notes in class.
*Find a Delorean to eat our crap.

Image Source: hellodan under Creative Commons
Berkeley Garbage Collection Fees May Rise to Balance Costs [Daily Cal]


calaggieThings aren’t so hot for fans of UC Davis’ student newspaper, The California Aggie. Editor in Chief Richard Proctor just posted a note on theaggie.org:

Due to mounting budget losses, The California Aggie has found it necessary to make several mid-year cuts. The most visible of these is our decision to cease having a print edition of the newspaper on Fridays. Articles that would have run in the Friday issue of the newspaper will be posted online at theaggie.org.

No word as to what other cuts there are, though—that’ll have to wait until tomorrow’s Opinion section.

Image Source: calaggie under Creative Commons
Aggie to appear exclusively online on Fridays [The California Aggie]


After discovering the latest omen of the world’s coming demise, the Clog encourages Berkeley students to put down their books and enjoy their short-lived time on earth.

Last week, former French president Jacques Chirac was attacked by his clinically depressed Maltese poodle. Um … wow. We don’t know what’s worst here: the fact that this poodle is depressed and on meds, the fact that Chirac suffered at the hands (paws?) of said poodle or the fact that this is even a story. Are we really horrible people if we’re laughing?

Chirac is doing OK now, but the Daily Mail goes as far to say he was “savaged” by his cute and fluffy dog. We think the real victim here is the dog, who obviously has the unrealizable dream of becoming something more than just a Maltese poodle. Le sigh.

Image Source: The Chaninator under Creative Commons
Former French President Chirac hospitalised after mauling by his clinically depressed poodle [Daily Mail]
Earlier: Bush Thinks US Can Still Win in Iraq, Gets Pelted with Shoes

Any1 kan cookz!
It looks like Alice Waters’s culinary regality might not be enough to keep her Slow Food-sowing, local produce-julienning  hands clean.  And Anthony Bourdain might be a trifle intimidated, judging by the speed with which he backpedaled over his earlier digs at Waters. Well, as intimidated as someone who calls anyone else’s letters to the president “wildly hubristic” can be, anyway.  

According to Gothamist–yet another “Ist” blog–Bourdain and Waters are set to duke it out, face to face, at a forum for gourmet heavyweights in May. We certainly look forward to hearing about this one. It promises to be a real ”food fight.” (Ha! Take that, Gothamist! Or … not.) 

Update: More Waters-bashing on NPR.  Wow, things are getting way more intense than we anticipated, up in here. 

Image Source: davidsilver under Creative Commons
Anthony Bourdain Talks Alice Watersgate [Gothamist], via Eater SF 
Waters Backlash, Cont. [Eater SF]
Earlier: Alice Serves Mouthwatering Cuisine in D.C., Sparks Blog-oversy

Sunday Shout-Out picks out the week’s stories that simply slipped our minds.

* UC Berkeley received lots of apps but will only admit less than 10% of applicants. Blame the Man. [NewsCenter]

* The Daily Cal Arts blog convinced us to go see indie comedy “Humpday,” but then again, it is about porn. [Arts: It's What's for Blog]

* Relive Berkeley’s happiest day in recent history. [Daily Cal]

* Oh look, Beetle’s back. [Beetle Beat]

Image Source: Salgu Wissmath, Daily Cal The Little Mermaid buy
Earlier: Daily Cal Serves Up the Lolz



Yes, this is a picture of a photographer who’s looking at pictures taken by photographers. Which brings us to our main point: Feel like checking out a neat photography exhibit, but you don’t want to deal with the hassle of opening doors and walking into buildings? Then boy do we have the place for you.

Welcome to Berkeley: without shadow, an exhibit at the Addison Street Windows Gallery that features works by students in a Visual Studies class from spring 2008.

If you’re preoccupied with read more »


Bad-asseryWe’re not sure what it is about Clint Eastwood and Berkeley’s Center for Japanese Studies, but apparently they go together like Clint Eastwood and movies with guns in them. Or Clint Eastwood and silver foxiness. Ahem. You get the gist.

Anyway, what we’re getting at here is that the (and we quote ourselves on this one) “laconic gunslinger, squint-eyed cowboy lady-killer, stone-cold sonofabitch and enduring icon of masculinity” himself was in Berkeley on Friday, for the second time this academic year, and for the second time this academic year, he was at the Center for Japanese Studies.

Last time Eastwood was seen ’round these parts, it was to speak at a reception as a prize for designing the Resident Faculty Program’s logo. This time, he was here getting a prize, instead of being a prize. read more »

o-rlyOH SNAP! The ASUC Judicial Council ruled that the recall election of Senator John Moghtader will be delayed due to general last minute-ness. Good save, good save.

Yesterday we were almost gleeful about egg-face ASUC. Now we’re intrigued. Oh, do go on, ASUC.

Per bylaws, the election must be held within four semester weeks. There better be some magic happening, but we’re still hopeful for snafu madness. Will he stay or will he go? More importantly, will both sides treat this like usual crazed election times complete with large signs, flyers galore and people who “walk” (read: follow) you to class?

Image Source: shianux under Creative Commons
Recall Election Delayed by Last-Minute Ruling [Daily Cal]
Earlier: ASUC: Recalls Are Fun!

justiceThe ASUC is officially made of FAIL now that the Judicial Council rules the recall election for Senator John Moghtader may forge ahead. Somewhere, someone is playing a giant practical joke on our student government.

The election is supposed to take place Jan. 26 and 27, but seeing as that is just a weekend away, we would not be surprised to witness another egg in the face.

While the Daily Cal wags its finger at the petition organizers, we would like to welcome all freshman admits to the glorious state of petty Berkeley politics.

For more information on the hearing, the Cal Patriot blog had a good post on the issue at hand.

Image Source: vaXzine under Creative Commons
Judicial Council Allows Recall to Move Forward [Daily Cal]
Define “Specific” [Cal Patriot blog]
“NO” on the Recall [Daily Cal]
Earlier: ASUC Judicial Council Gives Lumps of Coal for the Holidays

Say what, now?
We hope this isn’t some kind of cruel “gotcha!” moment or something. All we’ve heard for these past few months has been some version of “the economy is failing and we’re gonna have to cut funding.” Maybe UC President Mark Yudof, the brains of this new proposal, is a secret Second Life addict and has started confusing virtual reality with reality. We see no other plausible explanation.

In response to Arnie’s proposed 9.3 % fee increase to next year’s UC tuition, Mark “Yu Crazy” Yudof is set to propose a $3.1 million per-year plan before the UC Board of Regents in early February. His plan will fully fund undergraduate California students whose household incomes fall below the state median of $60,000, bascially making the UCs into a state-funded version of private schools. Hmm … read more »

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