A few days from now marks this year’s most important holiday to date. It’s almost Hug a Journalist Day!

SFist gives us the scoop:

Ever hug a bottle of cheap vodka caked with cocaine residue? That’s what hugging a journalist is like. And this Sunday, Feb. 15, is Hug a Journalist Day — at least according to this newly created holiday on Facebook.

Link not workin’ for ya? What was probably meant is something closer to this. But it’s okay, because Facebook confounds even the best of us. And like our cousins across the bay remind us, it happens with Twitter as well.

So take a minute or 10 out of your schedule this Sunday to embrace that affable reporter with the goofy glasses who may or may not have heat vision. Because journalists, like carrier pigeons, need some love as well.

Image Source: Emmey under Creative Commons
Nominations: Hug a Journalist Day, 2/15 [SFist]

Christine Borden said:
Feb 12, 2009 at 11:43 pm

Do bloggers count as journalists?