3296179695_f26b9c7decUC Berkeley engineers, assemble! This Friday marks the official dedication of the new headquarters for CITRIS—which, to those less tech-savvy folk, stands for the Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society.

Located in the Hearst Memorial Mining Circle, the recently completed building, Sutardja Dai Hall, will be open for tours and exhibits after the 2:30 p.m. ceremony. Pre-registraton is closed, but you can still try to nab a spot if you show up half an hour in advance.

In addition to its partnership at Berkeley, CITRIS currently works with three other UC campuses—Merced, Davis, and Santa Cruz—to address modern global concerns through informational technology solutions. Which may sound like gibberish to some, but hey, if they’re handing out yummy noms, we’re there.

Image Source: Paul A Hernandez, under Creative Commons
Register for the CITRIS Building Dedication [CITRIS]


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