Or, you know, not. But in either case, the dreaded Undeclared may find it desperately helpful that next week, from Monday to Thursday, “Major Madness” will take place on (presumably Upper) Sproul Plaza’s south end. It’s almost like the university is putting on an academic fire … sale.

According to the Website, attendees can go to …

… workshops to learn about the differences among majors and other issues you should consider as you choose your field of study.

Pro-tip: Chemistry deals with chemicals. They’re your friends!

What: Major Madness!
When: Monday, Mar. 2 through Thursday, Mar. 5
Where: (Upper?) Sproul Plaza, south end.

There will also be a semi-formal dinner featuring guest professors (and a GSI) on Wednesday at Clark Kerr Campus’s Garden Room, but it also requires registration.

Image Source: LauraElaine under Creative Commons
Major Madness! [Website]

david d.... said:
Mar 10, 2009 at 2:52 pm

love the AD reference.