Ideas do not bleed, they do not feel pain, they do not love ... OR DO THEY?

… for coming up with a brilliant idea. This year marks the fourth annual “Bears Breaking Boundaries” competition aimed at Berkeley students to stave off the inevitable onset of permanent postmodernism. The prize? Anything from $500 to $10,000, and all just for selling your soul. What a bargain!

Last year’s winners include such gems as “Surface and interface effects on nanoscale systems by Erik Garnett (Department of Chemistry)” or “Coupling wind generators with flexible loads: a proposal for large scale integration of renewable energy by Anthony Papavasiliou, Mauricio Junca, and Thomas Dickhoff,” not in the same category, of course (by the way, there are different categories).

If you’re interested in applying, a bunch of contest deadlines can be found on their Website. They can also be found if you’re not interested in applying.

What: Bears Breaking Boundaries. Or, money in the bank.
Where: Um … your brain?
When: Contest deadlines are Mar. 23 or Mar. 31, depending on the proposal’s category.

Image Source: ieshraq under Creative Commons
Bears Breaking Boundaries Contest [Website]

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