Break out your telescopes, kids—it’s the International Year of Astronomy. (We’re talking about the stuff in the sky, not your love forecast. Just checking.)

A joint effort between the International Astronomical Union (IAU) and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), this year’s theme is “The Universe, Yours to Discover.” Apparently it’s a big deal as they’ve already named a small solar system body in its honor. read more »


So this is kind of weird … Apparently at 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, a few men got into a fight over free burritos at Juan’s Place near the Berkeley Aquatic Park (as in, way outside the two-block-from-campus bubble to which we tend to confine ourselves) and it didn’t end well.

While the police haven’t released the names of the people involved, at least one person is in the hospital after getting beat by a tire iron and a metal pipe.

Image Source: jasoneppink under Creative Commons
Berkeley restaurant employees arrested after dispute over burritos [Contra Costa Times]
One hospitalized, two arrested after food dispute [San Jose Mercury News]


Berkeley has an image to maintain. We like our people skinny (no chubby tortured-artists, pudgy street-urchins please), our businesses indie, and our bathrooms … plentiful.

In support of this image, back in ’99 the Berkeley City Council passed an ordinance barring carry-out and quick-service restaurants from upper University Avenue. However, while image maintenance takes precedence when times are good, priorities shift when the economy goes sour.  Hence, the city council decided yesterday to lift the ban on quick-service joints. read more »

Read this.  Now play this:

Are you crying yet? Because we definitely are.  And no amount of Facilities Service’s industrial solvent will wash away the tracks of our tears. Moment of silence, please?

Image of Jimi Hendrix Lost During Sather Gate Restoration [Daily Cal]
Jimi Hendrix Little Wing Winterland 12.10.68 [YouTube]
Earlier: Faces, Places Disappearing


While the SUPERB site is being updated for relevance, the Clog managed to grab a list of Friday films for this semester. Check it:

Thursday, Mar. 12
“Milk” at 7:00 and 9:30 p.m. in Wheeler Auditorium

read more »

Whether it be from just generally being awesome or for research into the early history of the universe, it’s a hot time for Berkeley professors to get their 15 minutes.

Two Berkeley physics professors, George Smoot and Paul Richards, recently won awards for their contributions to physics teaching and research, respectively. read more »


Newsflash: Students sell their Class Passes to former students! OK, so you probably already knew that, but did you know that UCPD trolls craigslist looking to bust the sales? For reals.

Of course, those Class Passes are so alluring. Current students pay for the passes through mandatory fees. If former students want the same hookup, they’d have to shell out $560 for spring-summer AC Transit bus use, according to the Daily Cal. Damn.

Students also copy their passes and share them with friends, and their replicas are so good that the bus drivers can’t tell the difference. So what’s the moral of the story here? When in doubt, go to Copy Central–not craigslist. But you didn’t hear that from us.

Image Source: Chris Chung, Daily Cal
Officials Voice Concerns About Class Pass Resales, Fraud [Daily Cal]

In times like these, the unspoken wedding of “philosophy major” to “cardboard box” looms especially menacingly in your parents’ minds.  However, in a triumphant response to pragmatic parental units everywhere, UC Berkeley honored Slusser Professor of Philosphy John Searle yesterday, its shining exemplar of what pro philosophers are made of, for his fifty years of instruction at UC Berkeley.

Even if you haven’t had the chance to take one of Searle’s stellar “philosophy of mind” or “philosophy of society” courses, read more »

Ironclad logic.

… if “those stinking badges” means “proof of extracurricular activities done during high school,” of course. Since 2001, the University of California system has fact-checked the applications of its college hopefuls—and apparently is the only program of its type in the US.

The statistically significant and randomly selected group of 1,000 students (out of an annual average application pool of about 98,000) is asked by a team of four UC employees to provide positive proof of post-curricular programs, like a letter from a football coach that confirms you were a star quarterback in second grade.

A system like this is in place mainly “to scare everyone else straight.” So the question remains: Did anyone else know about this during the application process? Because we certainly didn’t … not that we don’t have badges. Because we totally do.

Image Source: seanbonner under Creative Commons
UC wants the truth on student applications [LA Times] via US News

Most ballin' place on Earth? We think so!
Field Trips are Clog excursions to find a day’s worth of cheap fun that any college kiddie can enjoy. Thus shall we all smite the humdrummery of everyday life on campus.

So you look in your wallet and find only a BART ticket worth exactly $6.80, your student ID and a $20 bill. If you figured this wasn’t nearly enough to spend a classy day across the bay, you figured wrong. Just be prepared to hike a hundred hills.

For any locations and directions, this map was followed. Note: post is image-heavy after the jump. read more »

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