Forget Square Root Day or Darwin Day, this year’s prize specimen of intellectual pseudo-holidays (or should that be the other way around …) is a powerhouse in the fringe world of science and math enthusiasts: Pi Day. Campus celebrations will take place in 1015 Evans Hall on Friday, Mar. 13, with the following planned schedule of events:

Begins: 1:59 in 1015 Evans
Pi recitation contest
Sudoku contest
Charades Style Interpretive Dance Contest
Balloon-ankle Game
Pi served @ 3:14
Primality tests
Pi-ing people
Math Trivia Contest in Jeopardy style

Alternatively, the Exploratorium is holding festivities—rites?—the next day. If you thought the Evans events were too much, take a look at a piece of what the Exploratorium has in mind:

1:50 p.m.
Pi Procession leaves for Skylight / Pi Shrine
Parade in an infinite stream of Pi numerals, chanting the Pi Day song to the Pi Shrine on top of our round classroom.

Yeah, we wouldn’t be surprised if this ended up with the accidental summoning of “the pitiless tentacled monstrosity from a space beyond space and a time beyond time.”

Whatever your particular relationship with math may be, whether it’s a dishonest distaste stemming from a failed 2nd grade multiplication quiz or an obsessive devotion to the unearthly geometry of eldritch beings, the Clog thought a few factoids about pi, Pi Day and numbers in general would help brighten the mood:

*Pi Day was invented 21 years ago by a secret cabal called The Mathemagicians,** erudite professors who control all aspects of science policy in the developed world.
*There are several Pi Approximation Days, including July 22 and Nov. 10. [Wikipedia]
*In 1915, pi was adopted as the official symbol for the No. 22 Squadron Royal Flying Corp., R.A.F. [The Joy of π]
*Albert Einstein was born on Pi Day, 1879. [BBC]
*47 is the only number which cannot be expressed in numbers.
*929 is the biggest number, but he’s very sensitive about his weight.
*Richard Feynman immortalized his humor into the very fabric of the universe with the help of pi. [Dinosaur Comics]

**actually it was invented by Larry Shaw, an Exploratorium physicist who’s now retired. [Exploratorium]

Pi Rap Battle – Lose Yourself (In The Digits) – Pi Day Song [YouTube]
2009 21st Annual Pi Day Celebration page [Exploratorium]


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