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Attn: Over-Achievers, Re: Tele-BEARS

Posted By Jill Cowan On Mar 19, 2009 @ 1:53 am In News | Comments Disabled


Terminat-bear say "I'll be back ... "
Hey guess what, guys! Guess what! Give up? Do ya? Do you give up yet? OK, so we just got this e-mail [1] (you probably got it, too, if you have a Calmail account) giving us some great news about changes to Tele-BEARS [2], effective for fall! Get excited because they’re totes awesome! Like, totes!!!

Alright, fine. We were kidding. The changes kind of stink. Like a fat turd in the July sun.  We’ve got a sneaking suspicion that the budget is to blame (no, really?!)  but this doesn’t mean that the new Phase II unit restrictions aren’t incredibly inconvenient.

Here’s how the changes are explained in the e-mail (we’re not gonna lie–it took us a couple reads to fully wrap our mind around things):

During Phase II of Tele-BEARS, undergraduate students will not be able to add a course if they are already enrolled and/or waitlisted in 16 or more units. For example, if you have 15 units, you will be allowed to add a 4-unit class, bringing the total to 19 units. However, if you have 16 units or more, you will not be able to add or waitlist for another course during Phase II. Please note that both enrolled and waitlisted units are
included in the total unit count.

You might want to start strategizing now, because Phase I starts on April 13. Godspeed, kids. You’ll need it.

Image Source: topcat_angel [3] under Creative Commons
The Council of Undergraduate Deans [UC Berkeley [1]]
Tele-BEARS [UC Berkeley [2]]

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