The Clog has always valued YouTube as a cutting-edge cultural window. Call it “unproductive,” call it “a sad indicator of the state of our social lives;” surfing the tube has afforded us a wealth of cutting-edge insight. Well, as of today YouTube reveals something buy Five Easy Pieces even those at the stuffiest altitudes of the proverbial ivory tower can waste spend their time with: YouTube EDU. Toss the textbooks and rev the Web browser: The nation’s youniversities are at your disposal.

YouTube EDU compiles academic channels from universities worldwide and organizes them for your convenience. This includes last week’s biology lecture you slept through in addition to random university lectures, events, commencement addresses and any other intellectual junk that finds its way onto an academic channel. The service was created by Google folk in their spare time, you know.

And in case you were wondering, UC Berkeley currently claims 404 videos and over 2.1 million views. Stanford, 583 videos and a humiliatingly dwarfed 362,552 views. The most popular video at the moment: University of Minnesota’s “Science of Watchmen.” And so intercollegiate competition successfully infiltrates even the most seemingly mindless terrain.

Image Source: Daniel Gebhart under Creative Commons.
YouTube Edu Launches [Wall Street Journal Blogs]


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