Tomorrow, March 28, at 8:30 p.m. you can show your support for awareness of the effects of  global climate change and your concern about humanity’s dangerous energy-wasting habits by turning off your lights for one … whole … epic … lightless … hour.  Cities around the world–curiously not including self-proclaimed green messiah of a city, Berkeley–have pledged to do the same. read more »


Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.

Last Thursday, scientists from UC Berkeley and the University of Washington announced that they placed two instruments on the seafloor of Monterey Bay in order to detect earthquakes and sea creatures—or sea creatures that can cause earthquakes.

Unsurprisingly, Berkeley operates the seismometer, which has helped gather data from the western side of the San Andreas Fault—a side which has a mysterious dearth of instruments (hint: it’s because of all the water).

“But Clog,” you tremor, “this isn’t news. That seismometer was put in place in 2002 like anyone knows.” Yes, you’re right—but until recently, the instrument needed battery changes every few months. Now a cable that offers power and an information conduit link it to the nearby coast.

To keep up with all the latest in seismology, you can check out the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory’s Seismo Blog.

Image Source: xtopher42 under Creative Commons, modified by Evante Garza-Licudine
Scientists cable seafloor seismometer into state earthquake network [NewsCenter]
Scientists place permanent sensors on sea’s bed [Chron]


The Clog has always valued YouTube as a cutting-edge cultural window. Call it “unproductive,” call it “a sad indicator of the state of our social lives;” surfing the tube has afforded us a wealth of cutting-edge insight. Well, as of today YouTube reveals something buy Five Easy Pieces even those at the stuffiest altitudes of the proverbial ivory tower can waste spend their time with: YouTube EDU. Toss the textbooks and rev the Web browser: The nation’s youniversities are at your disposal. read more »

Engage Her, billed as a multicultural women’s leadership conference, will come to the Berkeley campus at the end of April. The conference is advertising big names in the women’s movement, like Gloria Steinem, Dolores Huerta and Helen Zia. And the conference goal?

(T)o ensure that women and multicultural communities become the new majority in decision making roles in corporations, government and media to ensure that our issues and concerned are being addressed for our families, communities and nation.

Not at the prices they’re charging they won’t.

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Is it joyful despair or the other kind?

Note: Post is data-heavy after the jump.

So a bunch of seniors nobody cares about get to find out if they’re coming here or not, whoopdee doo. Well, that may be your attitude, but we at the Clog care about our future readership fellow students.

You’ve probably guessed by now—tomorrow is when read more »


pretty picture!

Seriously, guys, we’re seriously being serious here. It’s time to stop messing around. The kid gloves are off, no more Mr. Nice Berkeley.

It’s time to tackle the root of our city’s problems—news racks with way too much graffiti on the metal/stickers on the plastic/loaves of bread inside.

We propose limiting each of the above items to one per rack. But really, on Monday there was a meeting at City Hall concerning the ugly blights that stain our urban paradise.

We gotta give props to Berkeley Daily Planet Executive Editor Becky O’Malley, who said “We’ll wait and see,” concerning “alternative solutions” to the yard-tall metal menace. Good show, Becky, good show.

In any case, the hammer is scheduled to come down on April 7, and we bet we’ll be seeing fewer clouds, a lot more rainbows and chimney sweeps singing songs than we already do when that day comes.

Image Source: caffeina under Creative Commons
Berkeley issues ultimatum on eyesore news racks [Chron

Beneath move


An earlier decision by a federal appeals court concerning UC Berkeley’s “Understanding Evolution” Website was upheld by a higher (and non-divine) power this Monday, finally ending a suit four years in the making.

Like we said earlier, the site was considered controversial because of some statements mentioning the relationship between evolutionary thought and religious belief.

Since then, Berkeley launched a new site about understanding science. Facts: two, Mucky-Muck: zero.

Image Source: Colin Purrington under Creative Commons
Understanding Evolution lawsuit over [National Center for Science Education]
Earlier: Score One for Evolution

8998830_d19aa7ba62PETA’s always been known for their unorthodox tactics and their “by any means necessary” policy, but this latest campaign is weird even by PETA’s standards.

It boils down to something like, “what does every middle aged women love? George Clooney. If we injected his sweat directly into tofu, then would they vicariously love the tofu too?”

PETA obtained a used towel of Clooney’s from a recent visit to the gym, and wrote Clooney asking to inject his sweat into tofu they would market nationwide.”Your fans would swoon at the idea of eating CloFu,” said PETA president Ingrid E. Newkirk in the letter.

“As a mammal, I’m offended,” Clooney said. We’re not sure what makes less sense – PETA’s proposal, or his response to it.

Image Source: arimoore under Creative Commons
PETA Pitches Clooney-Flavored Tofu [NBC]
Earlier: Manimal Wars, Parts Five to Seven

Parents in town? Impress them with your cultivated palate by showing them Riva Cucina.

The Italian menu changes from time to time, but you can always count on the pasta and seafood being absolutely delectable. We mean, you can practically taste the salt in the air.

We recommend the antipasto misto (two kinds of bruschetta and salame? we’re so there). If you’ve got a sweet tooth, order the panna cotta to seal the deal.

Location: 800 Heinz Ave., accessible by the 9 bus
Price: $15 to $20 per entree
Notes: Don’t be afraid of ordering lots of antipasti.

Image Source: _e.t. under Creative Commons
Riva Cucina [Website]
Earlier: Local Chocolate for Happy Mouths


Got nothing to do for break? Turn that boredom into MOREdom! Zachary’s Pizza has an art contest ending Tuesday, March 31 with prizes including a $100 Zachary’s certificate and two Zachary’s T-shirts.

Contest entrants should know entries require the Zachary’s logo or the words “Zachary’s Chicago Pizza” somewhere and conform to a 36 inch by 48 inch space. Horizontal entries are encouraged, too.

Image Source: Ben Gertzfield under Creative Commons
Zachary’s Pizza Art Contest [Website]
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