431342061_784ae8c0cdAmong approaching finals, alien invasions and an overblown viral infection, we thought for sure we had enough on our plates.

False. There has apparently been a recent spike in criminal activity as well, judging by the FOUR strong-arm robberies that occurred near UC Berkeley campus on Sunday night. Between the hours of 8 and 11 p.m., a woman who resisted the theft of her purse by a lone assailant was promptly punched in the face; three to four men, one of whom at least pretended to have a handgun, stole some poor guy’s phone; five or six dudes stole another

guy’s wallet; and, finally, one member of a group of four men punched yet another innocent pedestrian in the face and booked it with his phone.

These incidents occurred respectively at Ellsworth and Haste streets, Dwight Way and Telegraph Avenue, Channing Way and Dana Street, and (again) Dwight Way and Telegraph Avenue.

Readers, please be careful! This world is populated by douche bags. Safety is only a phone call away.

Image Source: manual_focus under Creative Commons
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