College kids beware, from the shadowy nether regions of the continent (Missouri, this time) there has emerged an invasive threat of epidemic proportions targeted at YOU. And no, it’s not the lately dreaded gripe porcina. Arguably more terrifying, some clever grad students got a hold of some 8 million e-mail addresses

from students at just about every university in the nation, which they proceeded to spam like crazy. What’s even more impressive is how much money they made.

The four involved were arrested on Wednesday for their intrusive theft, by which they sold $4.1 million worth of products. Wow, if you know what they were selling, let us know. They capitalized off of school spirit and the accompanying undergraduate naivete that your school is somehow looking out for you, sending e-mails claiming to be associated with the recipient’s university, “campus representatives,” or representatives of alumni owned businesses. Lesson learned: beware of scheming dorky college grads; the world is no “Office Space.”

Image Source: Jim O’Connell under Creative Commons.
4 Arrested in Massive E-Mail Spam Sting [US News]
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