2065992611_44ddf79c28There are those of us who would get all shook up by the largest rockfall in Yosemite since 1987 … but not Valerie Zimmer. The UC Berkeley graduate student in geology made history by setting up six seismic instrument stations throughout the valley about a month before March’s rockfall occurred, thereby recording the entire fandango—a feat that had not yet been accomplished till now.

Fortunately no one was injured in this particular rockfall, which saw 115,000 tons of granite tumble thousands of feet near Half Dome Rock, resulting in a 2.4 earthquake. In the past, however, people have been hurt and, in rare cases, killed in Yosemite rockfalls due to a lack of warning. Zimmer’s work, which will be analyzed in an attempt to better understand the triggers, would help prevent future catastrophe.

As the all-knowing Chief Johnny Kamehameha once said: “It is the wise quarryman who knows not to wait for falling rocks” … or something like that.

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UC Berkeley students recorded major Yosemite tumble with seismic instruments, findings could save lives [MercuryNews



It’s settled, then. As if the awesomeness of stimulant drugs weren’t self-evident enough already, UC Berkeley researchers offer hard proof and vindication

The Hunted dvd

in the face of your judgmental roommate. A.D.H.D. medications improve cognitive performance, raise test scores and, by extension, render you an overall better person. OK, this last conclusion we inferred ourselves–and yes, the study did pertain to legitimately diagnosed children and doctor-prescribed meds, not strung-out Berkeley students and whatever it is you get from that shady frat guy you met in discussion section. But hey, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, right? read more »

Not many students have or even need business cards, but eventually you’ll want to grab a bunch for networking. While you could follow some tool’s advice, we know that people will always be glad to meat you when you hand them your card … made of beef. read more »

Unfortunately, not our new mascot. BEARCATS EXIST!
So we just finally capitulated to the relentless chalking underfoot near the libraries of campus and Googled “OskiCat,” which, according to aforementioned chalk, is “Coming 5.27.09.”  Much to our dismay, we’re not getting a new mascot that is some monstrous (or ADORABLE) combination of a bear and a kitten, nor is something of comparable epicness happening.

Alas, OskiCat is merely the new library catalog that will soon replace GLADIS and Pathfinder. Apparently there was a logo contest

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde hd

for it, but we’re pretty sure the winner didn’t get to meet Clint Eastwood this time. Don’t get us wrong, it sounds pretty nifty and all, with its new features–like the ability to renew items, limit results to available items ” … and much more!” But, honestly … yawn. Well, at least it doesn’t involve another arbitrary “BEARS

” acronym or some variation thereof.

Image Source: Joachim S. Muller under Creative Commons
OskiCat [UCB Library

OskiCat [Facebook

Devil's Knight download


A political panel at Berkeley isn’t exactly news, but it is when Meghan McCain hits the Bay Area.

Called “Voting Today, Leading tomorrow: Will Young Voters Change America?,” the panel will focus on the longevity and effects of the youth vote. Besides McCain, panelists include Mike Connery, Heather Smith, Randi Zuckerberg and Nicole Lapin.

McCain should be interesting to watch, as she says on Twitter she’s “pretty sure I’m the only red one on the panel or in this city…” But then again, she recently stated that “most of the old school Republicans are scared shitless.”

In the meantime, you can tell her what to do with her day in Berkeley, though it seems hiking up to the big C and painting it red might be out of the question.

What: Voting Today panel
When: The Clique movie download Today at 7:30 p.m.
Where: Pauley Ballroom West
Cost: Free
Antz download

Image Source: thedayhascome under Creative Commons
“Voting Today, Leading tomorrow: Will Young Voters Change America?” [Insitute of Governmental Studies]

The Name of the Rose dvd


So we didn’t exactly get to see the Dalai Lama at the Greek Theater on Saturday

The Hunting Party the movie

, thereby missing a unique opportunity to see one of the world’s most famous and inspirational spiritual leaders give what may have been a life-changing speech about compassion, forever making us hopeless humanitarians that want nothing more than to join the Peace Corps and make the world a better place and adopt Ugandan infants, but we assure you, we’re not bitter about it. It’s the world’s loss.

Apparently, while we poor Berkeley students were denied, Sharon Stone somehow got in to give some kind of read more »


cimg2231There have been a lot of big names gracing our campus with their presence lately, most of which we’ve only been able to read about in the newspaper. If, like us, you decided to spend your time sleeping rather than camping out to nab a ticket to see His Holiness speak The Hard Word film on Saturday, then you’re probably kicking yourself for choosing unconsciousness over a global spiritual leader.

But you didn’t have to wait in any inconvenient 16-hour lines to see Thursday’s important speaker; in fact all you really had to do was walk up and sit yourself down. Former Vice President, Academy and Grammy Award winner, Nobel Laureate and environmentalist hotshot Al Gore was the honored speaker at Thursday’s opening of the Blum Center for Developing Economies (aka that thing they’ve been building on North Side forever). read more »

aokiIt’s hard to imagine a Berkeley so out of control that California’s movie-star governor has to bring in the National Guard for support. Alas, 40 years ago this was the case, and Richard Aoki was the man responsible. Mr. Aoki—not to be confused with Steve (who, to our indifference, continues to live)—has recently bought the proverbial farm, giving cause to nostalgically reexamine his contributions to Berkeley history, the badassery Thr3e video of which command timeless reverence. read more »

Continuing the (length two) streak of winning awards, the city of Berkeley won

an Environmental Protection Agency’s probably coveted Climate Protection Award on Tuesday, again for the Berkeley FIRST program.

Among some of the other winners were Mauritius and the Federated States of Micronesia and Sun Microsystems (who, by the way, will soon be eaten by Oracle buy American Zeitgeist ).

What better way to smugly end Earth Week in Berkeley?

Image Source: Alexander Ritchie, Daily Cal
2009 Climate Award Winners [EPA Gothika psp ]
Earlier: Tom Bates Wins Award for Harnessing Power of a Sun

In solidarity with the former vice president, John Yoo defended

Sydney aka Hard Eight move

the so-called “torture memos” he helped pen a few years ago. We guess it’s another attempt to justify never compromising one’s ideas, even in the face of Armageddon (spoiler alert: not a good idea).

In fact, both the former veep and Yoo are starting to sound awfully similar. From Cheney: read more »

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