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scroogeEvery so often The Clog likes to rake up some muck and call attention to the heartless greed, avarice and capitalist depravity occurring in our own, quaint little town. And we figure that between AnonCon

and bed bugs, the time is probably ripe. In true Dickensian fashion, a faith-based Berkeley Housing Organization allegedly straight out swindled Reach for the Sky move the government out of nearly $200,000 that was Berkeley homeless bound.

Jubilee Restoration, which was founded by Berkeley pastor Gordon W. Choyce Sr., under the management of his wife, son and daughter, pocketed two grants from the Department of Housing and Urban Development that were intended to finance housing for Berkeley homeless youths between the ages of 18 and 25. Their crookery evidently wasn’t slick enough, for the feds caught on pretty quick and imposed $177,381 in restitution, in addition to a five year probation. The Clog has little sympathy for the Family Choyce.

Image Source: dreamagicjp under Creative Commons

Fatal Attraction full Guilty – Berkeley Housing Organization Ripps Off the Homeless [Indybay]

324776034_d92c6c03c3After discovering the latest omen of the world’s coming demise, the Clog encourages Berkeley students to put down their books and enjoy their short-lived time on Earth.

Were the World Mine trailer It’s a cinematic plot device both terrifying and absurd: a nationwide infestation of the fabled bed bug, so severe as to be deserving of its own federal legislation forebodingly titled “Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite Act of 2009.” Which is actually not so much terrifying as really creepy, and also kind of lame.

The outbreak is apparently the worst we’ve experienced in half a century. The pests are especially prone to spreading in “mattress-heavy environments”—yay for us!—and are wonderfully resistant to several insecticides. It isn’t simply the House of Representatives that’s concerned; Environmental Protection Agency’s recent bed bug summit was the first in history.

Aside from these recommendations

The Puppet Masters move , we’re not sure what to tell you guys, largely because we’re a little preoccupied with painstakingly combing every inch of our sheets.

Image Source: louento.pix under Creative Commons
Bed bugs are coming! Worst outbreak since WWII [Examiner.com]
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Jericho Mansions move

Looks like fun, no?You may have been too stressed out of your mind to notice that, while you were stalking angrily to your finals on Thursday and Friday, you were ruining family photos on Upper Sproul Plaza or in front of the Campanile. Yes, there is a reason for the sudden rash of people taking cheesy pictures … and that reason is graduation season Deep Impact film

Helter Skelter trailer


That means a lot of people walking around in caps and gowns, stopping in front of every building on campus, capturing their final Berkeley memories. It also means sometimes-semi-interesting commencement speakers. Some of these commencement speeches look pretty crash-able, especially the outdoor ones, so even if you don’t know anybody in the major, you might be able to catch some words of wisdom.

Image Source: m00by under Creative Commons
Graduation ceremony season starts Thursday, May 14 [NewsCenter

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2547802515_97436f03b6Finals are kind of like being pregnant: they’re painful, you console yourself with the fact they’ll be over soon and you can eat whatever you want without remorse (hey, YoPo is brain food). Oh yeah, and you’re f***ed.

So if you’re feeling especially snacky, or just generally into mooching, we’ve done the work for you. Hey, the least the university can do for stealing your identity is throw you a few donut holes.

What: Free Donut Holes & Coffee/Hot Chocolate

Where: Outside Moffit May 17th 8:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.
The Catch: You may have to make awkward small talk and/or feign interest in the goals of the Student Advocate’s Office. read more »



Across the adolescent landscape, students are writhing in their shorts as the sun’s rays replace whatever their biology professor is still blabbering about with daydreams of scantily clad car washes, sandy In-N-Out burgers, and other summertime things. Meanwhile, those of us who will remain in Berkeley this summer are probably more likely to swoon over things like linguistic institutes Ghost Ship movie full

and acting classes Bee Movie movie The Shepherd: Border Patrol dvd . If you won’t be too busy desperately groping for employment or lounging around on the roof of your co-op, check these out: read more »

Mmm Coookiezzz.
Studyin’, bein’ productive, doin’ some studying … Surfin’ the interwebs, checkin’ Facebook … Now LiveJournal … Hey, is that AnonCon? It’s already back up? Oh em geez, we have to see if anyone’s said anything about us!

No, no, no. We can’t start reading that crap now. We have a final tomorrow at 8 a.m.  Shit, what time is it? Plus, it’s all just people bitching about their lives which are so embarrassing that they have to complain about them anonymously. But guessing who’s writing things is half the fun! The other half, obviously read more »



Never has a mag been fitter–
And no, we’re not being bitter.
Now Squelch has a blog

Out of Africa video

First Men in the Moon ipod

They call it The Sqlog.
But when will they get a twitter?

The Sqlog [Website


3478858594_1d662de0dcIf you’re one of the few folks in the Bay Area still jonesing for some fatty duck liver, be warned: Your options are wearing thin The Bourne Ultimatum release

Otis download

Bringing Out the Dead download

Persuasion move

Laws of Attraction move

. Add supermarket Andronico’s to the list of local restaurants who have already removed the delicacy from their menus in the wake of Berkeley City Council’s resolution

The Secret divx Black Beauty psp

The Sunshine Boys full

My Father the Hero film condemning sale of foie gras.

All eight stores in the chain, which include four locations in Berkeley (where it originated 80 years ago), will officially halt sales—which, according to chief executive Bill Andronico, isn’t exactly a huge deal, considering that the chain on the whole has only sold “about one package of foie gras a year for the past several years.”

Bummer for that particular customer. Guess they’ll just have to seek out their canned products of horrific animal torture elsewhere.

Image Source: tifotter under Creative Commons
Open Road movie full Andronico’s Stops Selling Foie Gras [cbs5.com]
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It’s getting to be that time of year again–that time when your basic human needs start competing with each other for your time like 12-year-old girls vying for the chance to touch a Jonas brother’s hand. Things are starting to get ugly.

You could try to catch up on all that reading you never did, but then the ensuing sleep deprivation might cause you to drool all over your blue book the next morning. You could stop studying to eat, but then you’d have to leave the library … or would you? read more »


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So we were just going to post the video above because we thought it was funny. Then again, we’re not sure if it’s funny for anyone outside of the Daily Cal.

And then we happened on the Cal Wushu video (which we unfortunately cannot embed), and it totally creams our low-quality video. Wushu in itself is already kick-ass, but when you combine martial arts with a tongue-in-cheek action vid, you are made of WIN.

UCMAP 2009 CalWushu Skit Video [Facebook]
Daily Cal: 600 Eshleman – The Server Crash [YouTube

Heart of America full movie

The Grudge 2 dvdrip ]

Wild Wild West

Double Jeopardy trailerThe Land Before Time XIII: The Wisdom of Friends dvd

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